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You can submit your book to Nielsen and make it available to all online bookstores (including Amazon and Waterstones). You can learn how to write, publish and effectively market a book with Richard McMunn's free book writing and publishing course. whitefox offers publishing services for publishers, agents, authors and brands. You can also contact us via our online form. Write and design your own book in our online book editor.

Phantastic Books Publishing is a family-run, independent publishing house based in East Yorkshire.

Become an e-book author? dough

For most of us it feels like we have a book in us - the obstacle has always been to find a willing operative or the personal means to bring it to an audiences. However, the web allows anyone, an writer with easy reach to an audiences and more and more that they can make an earnings from their own e-books.

"I was planning to work at Alton Towers again as a marketer after my motherhood vacation, but two week after the birth of my first baby, my man said we were going to move to Connecticut," she says. Since she needed a job and an incomes, she chose to try to fictitious.

Their first e-book, Nobody Ever Has Gender on a Tuesday, became a No. 1 best selling e-book on Amazon and it now makes a life of self-published rave. "I had always liked to write in my promotional role and dreamt of making a book. He signed up for an evenings course in imaginative composition and began designing a rom-com.

They presented a summary of the novel and the first three sections, and one of the agents answered and asked for the remainder of the book. She registered at the Frankfurt Book Trade Show and undertook to sell the publishing titles in several different states. However, no UK publishing house was interested. "It was awesome that I could keep my book in Polish, but I wanted it in English," she says.

Her self-publishing was inspired by the great triumph of cartoonist Nick Spalding. She has a strong career experience in sales and her career experience in sales allowed her to explore how best to compete. While the web allows everyone to post something, ensuring a profitable audience requires the same amount of work and common sense as the sale of conventional publications.

Introduced in April 2013. In the space of three and a half years it had become number 1 in the e-book romance sector and 200,000 units were delivered. It started its second e-book, Single Woman Seeks Revenge, in July of that year and was the second Amazon best-seller within a single calendar year, with 150,000 eBooks on sale.

She has since released two more e-books and her online hit has eventually caught the interest of a traditional publishing house, Random House, which has released her first three books. She is now working full hours while her kids are at college, and she recently started her 6th novel. Being both an writer and a PR professional, self-publishers spend a lot of valuable resources engaged in network ing/observing e-publishing work.

Poorly rated starting dates could ruin the odds of even the most successful book, so it' s all about the right time, says Bloom. A successful marketer can generate more revenue from an ebook than from hardcopy. An AuthorEarnings poll, released in September 2015, found that nearly 6,000 Kindle writers who had been on Amazon's best-seller list in the last 18 month earn more than $10,000 a year with their work.

Being unpredictable and the occasional character of earnings is the disadvantage of a full-time typing careers, especially self-publishing.

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