Online Book Printing Services

On-line book printing services

As a rule, these services include the printing and dispatch of every single book ordered, the processing of licence fees and the obtaining of offers in online bookstores. Initial investment in POD services is lower than offset printing. Need a typesetting or cover design? Our publishers / authors are offered digital book printing services. A part of our commitment to customer service is our instant online book request form right through to the design, printing and advertising of your book.

publication services

When you are looking for the possibility to release your book, look no further. Over the years we have released countless books for a legon of creators like you. Focusing on the creativity of composers and performers, we give you all of the necessary resources to get your book out there quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

Our services range from editorial and proofreading, via designing, printing and promoting, to blogging, online marketing, eBooks and apps. Using state-of-the-art print-on-demand technologies and new self-publication techniques, we offer writers the services and support they need to get their books published.

Design, manufacturing and editing services are easy to access, and with online sales and the widest selection of online advertising promotions, we not only make it easy to publish your book, we sell it and make sure it has the best upside. Our committed and experienced staff of account managers and publishers ensures a smooth and efficient printing workflow. ga('create','UA-96283750-1','auto'); ga('send','pageview');

Letterpress - PUR Bound - Micropress

The Micropress is appreciated by large and small printers equally for its excellent book printing, adhesive tying, wi-web tying and carton tying. Micropress offers the book printing solutions for small and large book printing jobs from major to small as well as self-publishing companies. If your book printing has a longer run and is best done on one of our sheetfed offset machines, or a smaller run made in our own digitally controlled facility, you can always count on the same excellent Micropress print results and the same price.

Micropress for letterpress? Our pre-press department works 24/7, just like our printing machines, making sure your book looks the way you want it to. As well as our own adhesive, PUR and Wiro weaves, you can opt for Case-Bound or Thread Sewn weaves to make your book look great on the shelves.

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