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Letterpress with Easy Online Instant Book Printing price offer for publishers & self-publishers. InDesign had the typesetting, so I didn't need any help at this point. As a rule, this excludes the expense of a third-party publisher. In addition to book printing, do you offer other services, such as order processing? Publish, print and distribute your book worldwide on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks and Barnes & Noble.

Letterpress - Digital Printing Services UK

With more than 35 years of expertise, our letterpress staff offers unmatched customer care and superior workmanship. We are one of the UK's premier letterpress companies offering a wide range of letterpress printer products for editors and self-publishers. Our quest is to produce high qualitiy hardcover and softcover titles in monochrome, full color or a mixture of both and to deliver an unrivaled publication performance in terms of both costs and printnes.

We provide you with a cost-effective one-to-one services with tailor-made advice and instructions to help you find the perfect solutions - whether for one volume or several thousand. To expand this range, we have also provided the services to publishing houses wishing to publish a smaller number of titles so that they can test the markets before setting their budget at a higher pressure on them.

Requires updating To view the discs, you must either upgrade your web browsers to the latest versions or Flash plugin upgrade. If you are further away, our whole procedure can be done on-line, but if possible, we promote personal encounters. While there will still be many other cost-effective letterpress service providers, what makes CMP stand out is our commitment to detail and unparalleled levels of excellence in QA.

Please do not hesitate to call us today on 01202 739993 to make an appointment for a plant tour or to learn more about our service portfoli.


Whether we take your print-ready PDFs or, we make your own books for you, from your manuscripts. To take full benefit of new technology and sales, we can turn your manuscripts into an e-book and an audiobook for global sales. The price depends on the view of your script.

Selbstverlag Buchdrucker DC - We print children's literature

Self-editing is understood as the preparation and print of a work by the originator. As a rule, this eliminates the expense of a third-party publisher. In the self-publication of children's literature, the authors have full mastery over the whole process: authoring, designing, producing, distributing and advertising. You' ve just spent a hundred thousand long years to write your own script.

Now why should you trust a publishers who keep almost 80% of your earnings from your books? You' ve done all the work and now you're going to have some printers harvest the rewards for that work. Commitment options: This is the cheapest and most cost-effective way to bind brochures from 8 to 96 pages.

Offers a polish, proffesional finishing for every high value 60 + page eBook. Refine your illustration of a children's textbook with a professionally designed shallow twist weave. Present your storybook in an attractive and practical low-profile packaging for the reader. Print options: Evidence is available on demand with over-night or floor-shipment.

Delivery options: For most of our products we offer UPS, FedEx and USPS as well. Please call 202-609-9761 for an estimation of costs. For the first author to find our individual letterpress methods simple, quick and cost-effective. Contacting Héitage today and let us help you take the next steps as a children's author!

We are an acknowledged market leaders in delivering accessible colour prints. The times of monochrome prints are over to keep your costs down. Nowadays, we offer full-colour prints at very competitive rates.

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