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Letterpress with Easy Online Instant Book Printing price offer for publishers & self-publishers. InDesign had the typesetting, so I didn't need any help at this point. As a rule, this excludes the expense of a third-party publisher. In addition to book printing, do you offer other services, such as order processing? Publish, print and distribute your book worldwide on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks and Barnes & Noble.

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Color printing in small runs without restriction - bright colors at affordable prices is no longer a byword! Where do you buy your Print on Demand wholesale book? The Cork ( "Mitte") was awarded for his dedication to the field of automatisation. Peterborough Printing House won the first Müller Martini Finishing 4. 0 Awards for" Systematic automatization, connection, variability and non-contact workflows.

CEO Andy Cork said he was proud and pleased with the award. Approximately 1 million copies are produced each year with an annual circulation of 1.75 copies. With the new finish-tuning set-up, the business has created a more streamlined "book of one" work flow for textbooks of different sorts and width.

"The use of this system has brought our OEE to 87%, which is world-class and makes a big difference," Cork added. Dirk Deceuninck, Muller Martini General Manager for Great Britain and Northern Europe, and Muller Martini GB Head of Marketing Ian Clarke awarded Cork. "It is a new worldwide accolade for our clients who have demonstrated outstanding performance in the area of 4.0 finish.

When our clients can be successfull, we can be successfull. Then, by discussing with Andy what he wants and what his clients want, we can investment in the development of innovation like the InfiniTrim. With 50 employees and a turnover of approximately 5 million, the company has recently added a new Screen Truepress Jet 520HD color jet printer with SC printing options for printing on conventional printing materials.

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Our produced products are refined to an extraordinarily high level and we are known for the workmanship of the produced products. Many of our employees are professionals in their field (many of them have worked in publishing) and are happy to find a solution to our customers' needs. Letterpress printing service includes:

Print2Demand's guideline for book printing and self-publication is now available. It contains a sample of the most important paper used in our book production processes.

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