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On-line book editor

I' m looking for someone with excellent knowledge of English and literature to edit the content and edit my book. Consult our list of the best book editors, how to select professional online editors, what types of professional editing services are available and what exactly the editors do. An invaluable online book editing service provides the following: The best freelance book editor online. You can outsource your book editor project and get it done quickly and delivered online remotely.

Can' t Afford An Editor? Here is one for free!

When YOU are BRIEF OF AN EDITOR (OR OVERAGE PROOFREADER) all to yourself, you should be onward. So I thought: What must I say, what would enrich the life of a group of writers? I' m still considering it, but in the meantime take a look at the following fantasastic utility.

It is a free online or "in the cloud" accessable manuscripts and booksoftware. It' splendid. Place your text in the field and click'Analyze'. And it takes two hundred words to start; it will object if you insert less.....

Self-employed Editing & Proofreading Jobs Online

I' m going through two 50 page each blogsite to a) proofread English (including check for incorrect links), b) analyze the accuracy of the contents and c) make proposals to improve the amount and accuracy of the sites. We are currently looking for a shirts editor (I can mail you samples if you want).

Theme of the book: Need someone to help me with proofreading and improving automatically translating rentals. I' ve got more than ~1400 items available, it will probably take a while until everything is ready, so consider this a long-term one. Have a look at the work (and the workflow) here: usp=sharing Within this links you will find 4 folder with articles:

All categorised items associated with you are contained in this directory. Check Once a stack of items is finished, move them to this directory so I know what to check. I am prepared to upload the reviews to this file as soon as they are accepted. I pull the article from prepared for publication into this directory after the article has been posted on the site.

About the article The article was scrapped and automatically converted from Dutch into English. Make sure that all items are natural and offer added value. - Fix automatic errors in translations, e.g. words that were not successfully compiled. - You may add new contents to make the article clearer and adding additional meaning/value.

  • Removal of a specific aspect of the article. This can be either from the point of view of culture or the environment, which applies only to the Netherlands when it comes to the Netherlands as a marketing area. If you have any queries, your past experiences, your timetable and your favourite rates, please let me know. I am looking for someone with expertise in the production of high-quality *exact* transcriptions, who can correct the transcriptions and practice fundamental transcription.

You will work with very good sound of very good sound and should be quite simple to comprehend. Applicants should be able to help us by proofreading the entire web contents and suggesting changes. Applicants should be able to create contents in gender-neutral languages.

I would like you to make the first tape and submit it to me for evaluation before working on the others,

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