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On-line book company

Have a look at some of our books here. Their online bookstore - millions of USED books at affordable prices. The largest bookseller, publisher and printer in Afghanistan. Presents for readers, gifts for book lovers, you will find a beautiful literary gift. Thailand's largest international online bookstore.

Interview with Jonathan Haward

It was designed as a way of remembering people you love on the Internet. Many charitable organizations use them to collect donations - the RNLI, for example, was there from the beginning and we recently finished a book for the Royal National Institute for the Blind.

As we wanted to exchange pictures and reminiscences of them online, it has sown the seeds for Friends and Relations. I' ve been founding and running the county homesearch company for 22 years. It is the UK's biggest real estate search engine of its kind and the Channel 4 program Location, Location, Location, Location, Location was designed on the back - we are still recognised in the Cards.

Although it was one of the best professions in the whole wide globe, I had developed a passion for making friends and establishing relationships, so I decided to sell the company in February 2013. I felt like I was on a trip and the provision of an online forum for honors and commentary - some of which make me smile and others cry - was very catarrh.

Which were the main features of your online book trip? We' ve made an online book to commemorate the opportunity that encourages more than sixty moments of their free day to help good causes. So I was called to the Waterloo 200 commemorative worship in St. Paul's Cathedral and some of the many students who helped.

This online book honors the godfathers and vets who have ministered there and collects donations to preserve it as a vivid beacon. In addition to finding information about history or creating their own commemorative pages, visitors can also buy a bricks that will be added to the commemorative trail under construction.

We' re working with The Greenbank Hotel in Falmouth to release our first online marriage book later this year, and we're adding heavy bindings to our book to make it even more specific and individual.

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