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It didn't worry me that some online tool would disappear in the middle of writing my book. "I had always liked to write in my marketing roles and dreamed of writing a book. Together with the YA market, they make up the most popular - and best-selling - genre of books. The PressBooks editorial platform is based on the popular website publication and blog platform WordPress. You can export the book in HTML, PDF and e-books (e.

g. EPUB).

14 Useful software to help you build your first e-book

Authoring and producing an e-book can be a great way to attract a broader public and attract support. When you have a great ebook good plan with the honest goal of help someone resolve a issue, there is no need to postpone it. Becoming an e-book writer has never been simpler with the many utilities you can use to create, organise, design and post e-books.

Whilst it is simple to create and publish your e-book, there are a number of things to consider before the manufacturing proces. This includes information about your e-book, such as what size it will have, where you want to advertise it, who your intended readership is and other important drivers that will influence the overall impact of your e-book.

What is the best eBooks size? PDF is the most commonly used file size. So it' the most user-friendly size you can have for an e-book. Most PCs and even portable equipment can open PDFs using a pre-installed PDF scanner. Initially used by the Mobipocket e-reader, the. miobi file is now used by more commonly used e-book scanners, such as Amazon Kindle and the Kindle app for iO' s and Android-device.

It is optically appealing because it offers the reader a similar behavior to that of a natural page, such as browsing and marking a page. The. ebub file is similar to. ebx, but it is a free open code open code for ebook editing. For this reason, almost all e-readers supported. eub includes Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iBooks and Googleooks.

It is an unique file size for all e-books available at the Apple iBooks Retail Store. Enjoy this unique feature. It' constructed according to the European pub standards, but with limitations so that it can only be bought and used within the Apple iBooks range. For this reason, iBook sizes are not compatible with reading devices that can support the default LPUB-size.

As soon as you are acquainted with these file types, you can choose which one you want for your e-book. So if you are planning to sell it on Amazon, the best choice is the epoxy file size. When you create a fast e-book that you want to publish for free on your website, it's best to create it as a PDF.

Finally, you need to consider which is the best size for your group. As soon as you know which size you want for your e-book, you can start producing it. You can do this in two ways: create with a piece of application that you can use either standalone or without an connection to the web, or with a web-based application.

As a rule, web-based e-book applications have easier, more user-friendly functions than off-line softwares, which are mainly used for the design of graphics-intensive contents. When you are looking to build a fast e-book without having to break the bench, there are many free on-line softwares available. But on the other side, if you have a computer program to build a full-featured e-book, then there is no need not to choose a more sophisticated one.

Keep in mind that Pressbooks is free, but to get rid of the water mark displayed on the e-book, you need to update to a paying account (starts with a one-time fee of $19.99). This plug-in can convert blogs into HTML5 or PDF-formats. An easy way to write and convert free PDF is to use Google Docs.

You can sync it to your Google Drive so you can edit it from any machine while you're on-line. The Papyrus is a great application for making e-books from the ground up or turning blogs into e-books. Once you have created your e-book, you can post it and receive a direct web page linking to the e-book, or you can zip it containing the e-book in PDF, MOBI and EPUB-format.

Like Papyrus, but with a timed port, Zinetal also allows you to convert blogs into contents for your e-book. Simply notice that the free of charge bank details include an interest pal at the bottom of each page of your work. From $5 for a $5 per e-book without the ZinerPal brand and other additional functions such as publication in Scribd.

PublishingXpress is an on-line converter that can convert DJVU, DOCX, TXT HTML, RTF and PDF to MOBI and EPUB. It' great if you already have your e-book and just want to convert it to MOBI and EPUB so it's available for other e-book reading devices.

Being a more sophisticated way to create an e-book, InDesign is especially useful if you want the images and all the stylistic features in your e-book to look sleek and pro. An individual InDesign sign-up begins at $19. 99/month, pays yearly or $29. 99/month, pays monthsly. Kinddle Gen is a commandline application for conversion of HTML or other e-book sources to the Kindle e-book file for sale on Amazon.

Additionally, there is a read me document that contains full instruction on how to turn your data into KPF (Kindle Package Format) documents. For a more user-friendly utility, you can also use Kindle Previewer in conjunction with Kindle Gen, and you can easily converts other e-book styles to Kindle in a simpler environment. Everyone with a computer will be acquainted with MS Word, so making an e-book with this piece of softwares is ideal for those who do not want to study another one.

But there are tens of DOC to PDF conversions available free of charge on the web. iBooks Author is e-book processing softwares that allow you to publish your work on Apple iBooks only. It works only for Mac and iPad. Whilst this might seem restricting, keep in mind both that some readers choose to read on their iPad because of the free retinal display, so making your notebook with iBooks author goes the extra distance for your prospective readers. t...

First and foremost, Calibre is a free e-book manager and reader so you can save and organise e-books in a built-in archive, but also convert between PDF, EPUB, MOBI and other e-book file types. The Scrivener is an enhanced authoring tool for writers who compose fiction and film-scripts. In order to make an e-book, you must type in your contents like a normal eBook.

Once you're done, use the compiling function to convert it to e-book format such as MOBI, EPUB and Kindle. It' not a very easy tutorial, but there are great step-by-step instructions on how to do it now. A free 30-day evaluation version of Scrivener is available for $40.

What is the best application to make an iBook? While there are many other utilities for creating an e-book either on-line or off-line, these are some of the most commonly used and suggested by auteurs. You can of course use more than one single utility, especially if you want your e-book to be available in most sizes and on as many market places as possible.

Designing your own classy 3-D textbook envelope. Designing e-books can be a lot of laughs and with these useful applications you can write your best play and share it with the rest of the game.

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