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It was hired to create artworks and texts for a number of joint book projects, including e-books on health and recovery of. Making an e-book can be a great way to reach a wider audience and gain loyal fans. The sources used when writing your book. Sometimes when you write your book, you look for inspiration from other authors or the Internet. You will find this fast but thorough online course helpful:

Self-employed Book Writing Jobs Online

I am looking for an expert book-reader with an interest in self-help textbooks to publish a 30-day self-healing manual "Awakening the myheart to soul love" using a mixture of mysticism, scholarship and psychs. The book currently has 126 pages. We' re looking for a author who is proficient in Greece to proof-read the text of a book.

This book is on the basis of several essays published in the Hellenic media, and the writer wants to take them up again as a chapter in the same book in order to prevent overly duplicated text and repetition of the same information. To make the book more readable, you can give the writer your thoughts on text edit.

If you are already acquainted with long text and book structures, please send us your application. It is 100 in length. They need to be proficient in US English, know the sci-fi style and be able to create both thrilling sequences and subtlety. This is a general outline of the kind of letter we are looking for:

To find the right ghostwriter is a little like a date for us. - When your handwriting is full of: - We also find that when we tell the tale from a certain perspective to one of the actors in the sequence, we find that there is more excitement and information in the film.

And unlike conventional style we change picture from shot to shot.) - We like to use short sentences and open the dialogue on its own words, which makes it easy to see who said what. Can you develop technical concepts that fit the way you write?

Ghostwriters all receive in-depth beat, mostly down to the last detail (especially for the first few novels) and often dialogue tracks that we would like to record. We are looking for a higher level of quality than is often the case in the independent dance-business. Every episode consists of 12 volumes with approximately 60,000 words per volume, i.e. approximately $1200 per volume.

  • You are expected to ship about 1 book every four-week. - We will look at your answers to the question and your typing pattern (see next section). - If you appear like a prospective passer-by, we will ask you to type 1k words of a training sequence from one of the book you will be working on.

NB: For this stage, we will prepare a seperate vacancy so that we can fund you for the exercise scenes and so that your graduation rates are not violated if we do not select you to ghost write the show. - If that'?s true, we'll employ you for this position and put you on the first 2,000 words of the first book in the show.

Preferential qualification levels - English: Fluency (US dialect) - write level: If you are an SciFi professional - familiar with the sci-fi discipline - easy to follow a typing plan, please include at least a 1000-word example of your sci-fi letter when submitting your resume..... this could be something you have already typed or something new (this is just to give us an impression of your own personal styles, it does not need to be a full storyline or scene/chapter, it just needs to be at least 1k words long).

For a better understanding of the styles we're looking for, I've added a section from one of the earlier fiction stories in the world you' re in. All I need are authors whose mother tongue is English and who are very experienced in finding and composing music.

Do you know how to lose your body fat? If you want to applied for this position, you must be very acquainted with one of them. If you want the book: 2. no grammar problems, no false words. It must be very appealing and sensible; 4. it will happen the copy cape when you have finished the book; 5.

Overall the book is very rigorous, errors are not permitted. I' ve authored 2 healthy/well-being textbooks. 1 ) make them more appealing to prospective purchasers, 2) order printed copies, 3) set up the right packages as eBooks, 4) PR and book promotion to boost conversion.

I am looking for an outstanding author who can compose non-fiction. They must be able to thoroughly research the suggested alcove and create a book with 100% authenticity. English perfect, ONLY mother -tongue speaker. We' ll do a test run and if our staff is happy with the result, we'll employ the author next year to create up to 100 e-books.

That means that you have a large number of different jobs to work on, as we publish a lot of work. I' m looking for someone who likes to write and learn. Fluency in English is a must - ideally your native language.

  • Her current rates per/100 words - Anticipated timeframes - Any prior writings and/or writing work experiences - Subjects you could post about Good Happiness!

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