One page Proposal Book

A page suggestion book

Getting your business pitch on a convincing page. The One-Page Proposal is as clear, concise and concrete as its theme, Patrick Riley's promises to be the definitive guide to understanding your best ideas in no time. I was recommended this book by Business Model You. A One-Page Proposal Template is a template for your proposal. It focuses on the basic idea and objectives of the proposal, together with its main results and implications.

A one-sided proposal - Patrick G. Riley

The One-Page Proposal is as clear, succinct and specific as its theme, Patrick Riley's promise to be the definite guideline to fully understand your best idea in the shortest possible idee. More than ever before, today's decision making is made on the Fly - the first impression can make the big deal.

Now in the first book of its kind, Patrick Riley shows you how to cook all the items of your deal proposal into a compelling page, increase your store's market share in the game. Mr. Riley is the main representative of Genisis Agents, an global recruitment and research organization that represents outstanding academics and scientists from major research institutes around the globe.

As a long-standing investment banker, business man and business man, he has lived in San Francisco, California. Largest range of on-line bookshops. You will find a link to the homepage of the website. Selct: Interest-specific on-line offers often offer the possibility to buy books. Please click here for a listing of interest-specific websites sorted by categories.

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Patrick G. Riley's unilateral proposal

During the mid-eighties, when I was a thirty-seven year old merchant, Adnan Khashoggi, one of the wealthiest men in the whole wide globe, asked me to Monte Carlo to accompany him on board his sail. I wanted us to talk about a deal my firm had made to him a few month before. I' d seen Khashoggi some years before at the Mount Kenya Safari Club, where we were presented by a mate.

He is a unique sympathetic and kind man. It was a great pleasure to work for him and I marveled at his apparent achievements in multinational operations. I' ve been looking forward to doing that. Two years later it took a while to get to work. When I waited for my appointment I was his visitor to the Hotel de Paris in Monaco for almost a whole sabbatical.

The Khashoggi was a great guest for me and his hosts, from the King of Jordan to the famous Brooke Shields. At last it was our turn for our deal meet..... at one in the mornings. We had been preparing for a detailed review of the developed busi-ness plans that my brothers and I had sent him a few month before about our company's operations in the Horn of Africa.

And I was ready for the details of our proposal, which related to an appliance dealer that I wanted to create as a collaborative company. And Khashoggi had other notions. He said that I asked for this encounter because I wanted to bring you something very important that could be very important to you, how to make a one-sided proposal for you.

These few words brought me to my alarm: obviously I had made a big error with my bussiness plans. Mr President, I did not expect my fifty-page proposal to be too long, but obviously it was. Wondering if that was my keyword to thank him for his spare minute and go?

Khashoggi not only didn't push me out the front doors, he couldn't have been friendlier, and it was obvious that he was serious: He really wanted me to try to make sense of what he was trying to say. When Khashoggi went on, I was listening attentively. This one-sided proposal was one of the keys to my commercial succes and can also be of inestimable value to you.

Very few decision-makers can ever allow themselves to have more than one page to look at when they decide whether or not they are interested in a business. All the more so for those of a different cultural or linguistic background. It was graceful and clear: the proposal I had made was not suitable for a man like Khashoggi - not because he was lacking in depth, but because he was short!

According to current practices, our initial proposal was broken down into Business, Business, Risk Factors, Markets, Capitalization, Finance, Management, Recent Occurrences, Legal and Reference and contained tens of graphs, tables and cards. However, during the preparation, I quickly realised that we had not recognised an important fact about our targeted group - Chashoggi just couldn't take the moment to take our comprehensive proposal and make a choice.

Mr Khashoggi said that he was encouraged to help us for several reasons: he already had relationships in the area, he liked us and our general ideas, and of course he had the moneys. Khashoggi had invested directly in fifteen hundred companies and earned two hundred thousand US dollar a days in interest from his non-invested funds, according to his historian.

His enthusiasm and willingness to move forward - until our sophisticated, revised proposal called him into doubt and his capacity to make a choice was frustrating. While I was meeting with him, he had taken the proposal from his desktop and passed it on to subordinate advisors for assessment. Khashoggi's advice's more subtler implying was that internationally important decision-makers can assess suggestions differently from their US colleagues.

They may be frustrated by a full businessplan because their knowledge of languages is not fluid or because American-style diagrams, graphics and engineering details are just not commonplace. Such an individual would obviously pass on more ambitious suggestions to minds, as Khashoggi may have taken the proposal out of the picture forever.

Khashoggi, who was sick of sharing potentially good things, took the opportunity to consult me on how to do it. So that on that particular evening, aboard the most wonderful boat in the worid, one of the richest men in the worid took care for me the crux of the letter of a businessman's proposal that he could literally take, and act immediately.

To him, the response was a one-sided proposal that described clearly and easily the structuring of the transaction and what he had to do as a risk capital provider. He knew what he was speaking about because he himself had successfully made similar suggestions to royalty, president and CEO of the world' s biggest multinationals.

Since then, the mystery I learnt from Khashoggi has earned me over $10 million. He proposed a policy that I used to promote my domestic and international interests, to build businesses in the United States and Japan and even to promote my family's personal interests.

Although I am Protestant about my methodologies, I have kept the one-sided proposal approach a secret for years, although I use it as a central part of my corporate brand. I' ve even made improvements after careful study of the celebrated one-sided suggestions in the story - from the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence to the inter-stellar embassy of Arecibo, which was sent into orbit.

Then recently, something was done that made me divide the mystery and start writing this book. Looking into his offices, I saw on his crew a pile of more than forty suggestions - requests from other businesses, businessmen and even some from his own business. These were smooth suggestions, undoubtedly full of beautiful sketches and graphics that illustrate all kinds of bright points.

Suddenly I realised what all these suggestions had in Common - they were not read! Looking back to that Monaco evening, I realised that the one-sided proposal was a means of accelerating not only the undertakings with the richest men in the whole wide range of human activities, but with businessmen in all areas of humanity.

How would these proposers react if they knew that their meticulously prepared presentation would be bury, not read and probably not. There are so many good things that would never take root; so much waste of valuable resources; so much waste of effort; so much risk money that would never find its way into dignified owners.

Thought of my boyfriends - business men, investmentbankers, Hollywood directors, authors, young men with business idea - whose long suggestions languished in the executives' suite managers' rooms because the folks they were meant for were too task-saturated to literate them. Then I knew that the mystery that Khashoggi had told me should be spread with business owners everywhere to help them pass on their important suggestions quickly, forcefully and convincingly to the employed men and woman they could realize.

Today' swirling with information, it buries a multitude of dignified thinkers and innovative individuals whose talent and entrepreneurial sense can surpass their communications aptitudes. Simultaneously, there has been a significant increase in rivalry for funding for capital and other projects in almost all areas. Every new policy to help individuals overcome the information leakage and breathe new life into the proposal processes can only enhance their everywhere flows of work.

So, I have written this book.

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