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It' just one of the sexiest songs the band has ever written, and we'll pay tribute to Niall for it. The One Direction have never spoken publicly about the meaning of the song. Louis and Liam helped write "Little Black Dress" and "Midnight Memories". Authors behind Take Me Home share the secrets of success. " It took on this amazing sound and meaning for me as the author on this album.

Perfect is released by One Direction, the song Harry Styles is said to have written about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

On Friday One Direction published their new track "Perfect", and according to the bands supporters it is, well, "perfect". It is the second of their fifth record Made in the A.M., which will be out on Friday, November 13th. It follows the hit of "Drag Me Down", the boys first singles since Zayn Malik at the beginning of the year.

The band members Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles composed the track together with Jacob Kasher, John Ryan, Maureen Anne McDonald and the producer Julian Bunetta, Jesse Shatkin. Afterwards, AFTERHRS also recorded the music. At the beginning of this weeks release of a snipet, many bloggers were speculating that the track was Styles' ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift; he did not comment on the accusations.

"Perfect is certainly a romantic tune, but it's a pretty spur-of-the-moment romantic song," said Styles in an exclusive broadcast on Smallzy's Surgery Show on Nova 96.9FM World. Concerning the writing of the songs, Tomlinson said to the presenter: "You are writing about your own experiences". And in the hope of distracting attention from the fact that "Perfect" is about Swift, Styles said: "It doesn't always have to be an accurate story."

"Maybe I'm never your shiny-armored chivalry / I may never be the one you take home to your mom / And I may never be the one to bring you some flowers / But I can be the one to be tonight", Tomlinson says in the first part.

Stylees took the choir leadership, which made many believe that the track was Swift. "If you like to make problems in rooms / And if you like to have a little date / If you want to do the things you know we shouldn't do / Baby, I'm just fine / Baby, I'm just fine, I'm just fine with you", he says with his three band mates.

"If you drive at 12:00 with the window open / And if you like it, we can't even say it / If you do what you've been dreamin' of / Baby, you're great / Baby, you're great / So let's get started now." The second stanza Niall Horan sings: "I could never be the palm into which you put your soul / Or the hands that keep you whenever you want / But that doesn't mean that we can't be living here at the present minute / `Because from now and then I can be the one you love".

And if you like a camera that flashes every night we go out / (Oh, yeah) / And if you're looking for someone to do your break-up song / Baby, I'm great / Baby, we're the perfection." At the beginning of this weeks edition of the Made in the A.M. tracklist:

A. M. The track "Infinity" is now available for those who pre-order the music.

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