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An Anglo-Irish pop boy band based in London, consisting of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and earlier. So how many songs does One Direction have? so far they have published 5 albums: In the beginning, Up All Night: It consisted of 13 songs. Limitated Jahrbuch-Bonustracks contain 2 more songs. TRAVEL ME HOME: The record has 13 songs.

There are 4 more songs in our annual specials. It has 14 songs. Ultimate Editions contains 4 more songs.

FOUR: contains 12 songs. Ultimate has 4 more tracks: 13+2+13+13+4+14+14+4+12+4= 66 songs in all. Made-in-the-AM: has 13 songs. de luxe editions (bonus tracks) have 4 more. total: 13+2+13+4+4+14+14+4+4+12+4+13+4= 83 songs. they have 83 songs without all cover. On Direction has published five albums: Every record contains about 14 songs, and the Yearbook/Deluxe issues contain 2-4 more songs.

The five album ( "Jahrbuch/Deluxe" editions) have a combined 83 songs. On Direction have also published songs in ep' s, and some single's that were not contained in the album. There' re eight of these songs. Obviously there are leaky songs, removes and what not, but we won't do that for today.

One Direction has published a series of 91 songs. One direction has different cover art from their X-factor and touring shows. A direction has a 109 songs in all...

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