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A classic guide to the writing of non-fiction books. I had the book on good writing: William Zinsser's classic guide to the writing of non-fiction books on my shelf since my time in law school. It was my first time writing On Writing Well in an outbuilding in Connecticut. Willam Zinsser, author of On Writing Well, has recently passed away.

William Zinsser's classic non-fiction guide

When I turned the last page of On Writing Well by William Zinsser, I obsessively kisses the book-an act of thankful worship that few scorn edifices in the Spotts collection do. The award was deserved by Interest-s unparalleled benefit to the writer who would be.

Many" experienced authors" have made it their business to sharpen our pens and showed themselves little more than grammarian or used the opportunity to show off their supersaturating styles and their awfully great humour - without saying anything about the real script. The biography of On World is as much about grammar as it is about biography. Tinnser illustrated his points with a detour into his story as a journalist for the Herald Tribune and with stories from his journeys around the world.

arrative side notes and unlikely trivialities give your fiction feelings of humanity, but also work underfoot. Conclusion: If you want to correct your fiction, let everything stand and stay at the foot of Zinsser for a while.

<font color="écrire bien, édition du 30e anniversaire" - William Zinsser

He has been commended for his good counsel, clearness and warmness. It' a novel for anyone who wants to or has to study to get through the days of learning to type, as almost everyone does in the era of e-mail and the web.

On Writing Well provides you with the basic principles and insight of a respected author and educator, whether you want to talk about individuals or places, academia and engineering, economics, sport, art or yourself in the ever more beloved memoirs world. More than one million books have proven their worth and remain a precious source for authors and would-be-authors.

Willian Zinsser

A lifetime of journalism and non-fiction, William Zinsser began his New York Herald Tribune in 1946 and was also a schoolteacher best known for his novel On Wiring Well, a guide loved by three generation of authors, reporter, editors, educators and undergraduates. The other 18 titles include commentaries (The Beautiful Writings Who Stayed), memoirs (Writing Places; About Your Life), journeys (American Places), music ( "Mitchell & Ruff"), pop songs (Easy to Remember), baseballs (Spring Training) and writings (Writing to Learn).

He was at Yale University during the 1970', where he was a Branford College champion, teaching the authoritative non-fiction course designed to prepare many authors and journalists for their career. Between 2010-11 he blogged for The American Scholar, "Zinsser on Friday" about the art of typing, pop art and art.

Recently won the National Magazine Award for Commentaries and has now been released as The Writer Who Stayed and Paul Dry Books.

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