On Demand Book Publishing

on-demand book publication

Today, print-on-demand is an important trend in the book market. With print-on-demand publishing, authors can print a very small number of books or even a single copy whenever required. Publish your book using our on-demand letterpress technology and video tutorials. Small print runs for self-publishers. The POD distribution uses digital printing technology to produce a single book for a single job.

What does on-demand book publishing at Amazon do?

I' m going to answer this under the assumption that you want to post on Amazon instead of just buying it. You' ll need to make a book and a bookbase. The majority of writers, up to and including Word, produce these files, which I come from a traditional book publishing backgrounds, so I already used artwork for traditional book-formatters.

I' m using InDesign, which is more of a publishing pros' utility, but I think CreateSpace provides a Word theme that would work. But there is a great deal of designing going into making a book that does not appear in most document. They want your book to look professionally.

CreateSpace provides all of these things. Once your book is finished, please load the PDF and artwork onto CreateSpace. In principle, you must provide all "Books in Print" information such as the ISBN (standard book number) of the book when uploading. You can get a CreateSpace ISBN if you are not a publishers that issues its own ISBN.

You will then inspect your data for errors. They ensure, for example, that each page will fit into the book's print area. But these are the two things I had trouble with, even with my profession. Once they have reviewed your book, you will need to review your copy that you upload.

Uploading problem, things that work in your text editing software didn't work so well in PDF. Then if you agree, the book goes on the market. In case you have a problem with your book, you can always add a new PDF. If you do, it will take a while to get your book updated in the system, but I now have a completely different setting for a book because I can always up-date it.

CreatingSpace also makes Kindle releases, but I use other formatsting utilities to build and load them directly to Amazon. They also make audiobooks, but even this is best on the AudiBook platforms from Amazon.

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