On Demand Book Printing

On-demand printing

The digital printing revolutionizes the supply chain of book publishers with systems and solutions for on-demand letterpress printing. The Print on Demand technology is now widely used, literally delivering Print on Demand. This espresso book machine prints, binds and cuts books in a few minutes. Print-on-Demand (POD) and Offset. We' ll help you to edit, design and create your book.

Publishing & printing your book on request

Click here for more information on our dedicated service. Simple: Printout on demand means to order a book and use it! In contrast to traditional book printing, where you would run a small or large run, we use print-on-demand printing, which means that your book will only be produced when an order is available.

That means your book is never out of stock. One of the big advantages of using our retailing system and our software is that you don't have to be concerned about accounting. As soon as the dealer gets an order, our printer will inform and reprint your book (within 24-48 hrs for a monochrome book).

Then the book is sent to the client. That means no work and no additional cost for you, as the dealer will pay our dealers directly for the book. We have printing machines in the UK and USA, so your book will be sent to any destination in any of them.

If, for example, your book was ordered from a London client via amazon.com, your book will be published in the UK and sent to the client. Or, when a New York client orders your book from Amazon.com, your book is reprinted in the U.S. and shipped to the client.

If you order your own copy from us at the discounted authors rate, we will try to have your order printed within 10 workingdays ( "15 day for color books").

Print-On-Demand's influence on scientific literature

Converging on-line bookselling, digitally printed documents, digitally managed documents and computerized small package logistic provided a one-of-a-kind way to build a sustainable business solution for printing and delivering on demand book products. Fast-paced by the academia, this innovative approach heralded the salvation of the pining academia monography.

These opportunities captivated the imaginations of imaginative scientific and non-scientific editors, who made it possible for them to create customized publications, to publish monographic works for students, to compile their own wikis, and even to establish new universities and Open Account publications. In addressing this issue, The Impact of Print- on Demand on Academic Literature looks back on two decade-long innovations, reviews the state of the art in scientific publication of works on demand, and compiles the latest predictions and speculations about the prospects of academia and academia in the face of the effects of on demand printing.

He is currently the CEO of Lion Hudson, a publishers of nonfiction, literature and children's literature with a 40-year history of producing high caliber color references and children's ed. A member of the Oxford Brookes Industrial Liaison Group and an associate professor at Oxford Brookes University, London College of Printing and casual tutor for MA graduates at Kingston University Publishers.

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