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Award-winning author Dawn King works in theatre, radio, television and film. I' m not sure what exactly happened during my studies, because I never lost my desire to become a writer. Authors who have been published know that there are many steps to becoming a writer. It takes discipline, imagination and planning skills to become a writer. It' not that I couldn't write.

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A prizewinning author, Dawn King works in the theater, television, and movie. She is currently working on the adaptation of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World for the theater. Could you write a Brave New Ending? that helps us organize it and tip those who are considering getting a crayon out? Dawn explained in this tape how she did not try to become a writer and did not start to write through the use of fiction or shorts.

Since then Dawn has participated in a daily workshops at the Soho Theatre and has been asked to participate in the Young Writers Programme. The Brave New World premiere will take place in Royal and Derngate, Northampton from September 4 to 26, 2015.

become a writer

Have you always known that you want to be a writer? One of my favorite things about my life is when I read a book and write my own story. I was a member of the collegiate high scholastic arts magazine's resourceful typing community and editor-in-chief - and although my interests became much more varied, I was always happy to read and write.

So why did you study jurisprudence? I' m not sure what exactly happens during my studies, because I never forgot my wish to become a writer. However, when I look back, I had the feeling that I had to get a "real" position first - that I couldn't finish my degree and immediately sat down to start writing a novel.

I' ve taken a great deal of historical and policy lessons - so the Faculty of Jurisprudence became a natural next stop. When I' m quite frank, I also think I went to college because it felt more secure - a sure way to quantifiable results. Are you sorry you went to university and became a lawyer? Thinking for one, you can't ever deplore an apprenticeship - even one that comes with a severe debt strain.

It was a big lawyer's chancellery where I had to get to know everyday life in the offices and I had to get a thick layer of sebum. Lastly, I made so many dear acquaintances at the Faculty of Jurisprudence and in my practice, relations that I would not forgive. Why did you choose to stop and make your dreams of typing come true?

Even though I studied jurisprudence, I abhorred the real legal practices - at least the great legal office world. So, very early on, I designed a scheme to repay off my law faculty loan and then take out full-time work. Meanwhile I started in my spare times (and sometimes at work!) to compose a novel for young adults.

My credits were repaid four years later and my books were made. Here and there I started to write Something Borned.

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