Office Publisher 2007

Publisher Office 2007

2007 Microsoft Publisher[Old Version] The Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 software is a powerful tool for developing and deploying efficient printed, web and email communications for you. It is the simple way to design and collaborate on a broad spectrum of corporate and promotional material in-house. Publisher 2007 now offers you new and enhanced features that take you through the creation and distribution processes across a broad spectrum of media and gives you the necessary tool to help you grow your brands, administer your client list and follow your salescampaign.

Personalise your email communication with new email merges, personalised links and your own creative ideas. Publisher 2007 provides new and enhanced features to help you effectively build, adapt and re-use a range of promotional material to meet the unique needs of your business.

Choose from a collection of dozens of customizable designs or empty publishing options, which include newsletter, booklets, flyers, cards, websites, email and more. Build a corporate brand for all your corporate and individual needs, with your corporate name, contacts, eye-catching typefaces, vibrant colours and brand.

Publishing 2007 is packed with time-saving features such as a new search engine that lets you quickly find and view high-quality Microsoft Office Online documents directly in the Publisher catalog. Save commonly used text, designs, and images in the new Content Shop so you can use them in other publishing.

You can, for example, simply insert contents from a multi-page newsletters into an e-mail form or a web design for your sales team. View a thumbnail of your own brands - color, font, logo, and corporate information - and spread them across all Office Publisher 2007 assets for a more compelling Getting Start viewing environment. You can use Publisher Tasks to get help with popular methods such as image insertion, serial letter creation, or reuse of contents, and use the advanced catalog association to create often-refreshed material such as data sheets, catalogues, or pricelists by combining text and pictures from a single repository.

Customise your publication with a set of easy-to-use styling, lay-out, typography and graphic arts utilities. Then, run the advanced theme checker to detect and fix frequent style bugs in your printed, web and email communications before distribution or publishing. New features for merging emails, advanced serial letters, and catalog merges make sending personalised email and printed collateral simpler than ever.

Office Publisher 2007 makes it easy to approve, reprint and release professional-looking workflows. The Publisher 2007 allows you to combine and edit mailinglists in Publisher from various different resources, such as Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office Access and others. You can use the dropdown menu to generate personalised emails and printing communication or shipping tags, or to generate user-defined materials such as catalogues and leaflets.

They can also use personalized hyperlinks to customize the text and target of a link in an email merge. Additionally, enhanced Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager (available in Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 and Microsoft Office Professional 2007) allows you to launch and monitor the deployment of sales material generated in Publisher 2007.

The Publisher 2007 offers you new and enhanced ways to easily divide, reprint and distribute your work. First you can store Publisher 2007 documents in a set document type, such as Portable Document Formats (PDF) or XML Paper Specification (XPS), for simple distribution. In addition, the PDF preferences in Publisher 2007 contain features for on-line display, desk top publishing and business publishing.

Enjoy full business print capability for high-volume, high-quality print; Publisher 2007 offers four-color print, specialty colour print, cyan-magenta-yellow-black (CMYK) composites and more. Or, use the enhanced Pack and Go Wizard to make your data, complete with a print-ready PDF document, available for use on a business port. Email delivery and view enhancements, which include multi-page publishing as a one-page post, make it simpler than ever to generate and post emails.

Eventually, you can easily turn publication into the web and use the enhanced Design Checker to spot and fix unintentional issues such as desktops, printing, web and email.

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