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and publisher Office 365

Create Office Publisher 2016 for Mac. Office 2016 Suite for Mac is great, but it requires Publisher as a complete solution. We'll check it out and find out. An application included in an annual subscription to Office 365:

Office Publisher 2016 for Mac - Microsoft Office 365 Customer Feedback

Office 2016 for Mac is great, but it requires Publisher as a total package. As a result, I was expecting Publisher (and Access) to be available for distribution with the Office 365 suite. Publishers in upcoming Office releases for Mac....or make a change in your prices! Publishers and Access should be available for both plattforms or the prices should be adjusted accordingly.

Yes, there are InDesign and other Mac user choices, but MS should not expect all Mac user to go to Adobe or elsewhere for these requirements. There is a tendency for most folks to stick within a single set for many applications, it makes perfect business sense to have the applications available for both plattforms, to make sure that everyone is there.


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