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The retail suite includes the core applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote as well as Outlook, Publisher and Access. New to Publisher 2013, this free guide provides useful tips to help you find your way around. Microsoft Office decoding: What about the Office versions? There was a day when light-colored speakers in the latest Microsoft Office attracted your interest in large pit shops. Now Office, like musical records and bestsellers, goes the way of downloading.

Microsoft Office is taking off the shelves as a subscriber rather than a real one with the new Office debuting on Tuesday.

This means that there are even more Office releases and sub-releases to select from. The" new Office" is Microsoft's description of this year's publication of a number of different office solutions. New Office includes Office 365, Office 2013 and more - and closes the void between the applications on your disk and your network infrastructure and cloudworth.

Instead of making you depend on Office applications and documents attached to your computer and your disk, Microsoft wants you to have Office where you need it: at work, at home, on your computer, on your mobile and on your desktop, whether you're on or off. In order to make this experiance, log in with your Microsoft ID that follows you wherever you use Office.

Probably what you used to think of as Microsoft Office is now just the desk top components - think of Word, Excel and PowerPoint and your new Office family. Purchase Office 2013 in a retail case and you will only receive a paper copy of the copy of the product code (only developed markets will receive a disk in this box).

Either buy the Office 2013 locally on your own or with an Office 365 account. When Office 2013 is all you want, you can get it in three ways: You can also obtain the application with one of the following Office 365 plans. And if you are one of the few individuals working outside the power supply system, Office 2013 is for you.

The Office 365 is the overall concept for Office 2013 and the associated on-line utilities. Office 365 for Mac is for Apple enthusiasts. Here is a tutorial on how to select the Office 365 that best suits your needs: Do you use Office in your entire home? The Office 365 Home Premium is $100 per year, with installations for five PC or Macs in additon to the class.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access are included, as are 20GB of extra space and one hours of Skype calling per month. Office 365 University has all of the features listed above, but with two Office 2013 licences per use. Mircrosoft has not yet posted anything about Office 365 for public authorities and non-profit organizations.

Office 365 Small Buisness Premium will be available on February 27th next to the two following buisness bundles "with new features". Applications include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher and Lync. Office 365 ProPlus is the same as Small Office Premium, but extended for 25 users, with five per account installs, available February 27, prices to be confirmed.

Office 365 Enterprise: It is essentially ProPlus, plus Exchange Online, with archival for corporate emails, as well as SharePoint and Lync for collaborative use. Those who have not sworn loyalty to Redmond or Cupertino alone will receive Office for Mac with an Office 365-Abonnement. This means, however, that you get Office for Mac 2011, which is not the equivalent of Office 2013 for Windows.

For Mac OS X customers, you can take full benefit of Office Web Apps, but not Office on Demand. Microsoft's Surface RT trays contain 2013 RT variants of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote that are optimised for tactile gesturing. In general, Office RT provides more functionality than Office for Windows Phone 8 or Office Web Apps, but less than Office 2013 on a workstation.

The first release of Surfaces RT included a sneak peek of Office Home & Student RT, with the definitive release available in October last year. Microsoft's befier Surface Per trays, on the other side, can run any desired alteration of the latest Office application you want to have. Upgraded in October 2012, the Office suite will run on all Windows 8 telephones.

Reach Word, Excel and PowerPoint via the Office Hub. Easily view and open or attachment emails to Office files on Windows phones. Because SkyDrive stores your files, it displays the latest changes and timestamp, whether you last edited them from a personal computer, a Windows telephone, or a Windows 8 workstation.

This is a reduced version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote that runs in a web page reader. They' not intended to be your main documentation tools, but to allow you to work with and retrieve Office documents on the go. You need to switch to another computer and work on an Office product?

You may need more features than the Office Web Apps offer. Office on Demand has been customized by Microsoft for exactly this situation. The magical power of virtualisation allows you to run your personalised, complete office apps on computers where they are not yet deployed. All you need to do is install them on a Windows 7 or 8 computer and have a Office 365 subcription.

Applications are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Accessibility, Publisher, Visio and Project. Sign in to your Microsoft Office.comccount to get going; this tutorial is more. When I said that Microsoft wanted you to be able to use Office from anywhere, even from your desk and telephone, do you recall? Let's just keep this to your Windows 8 smartphone and your Windows platter, at least for now.

While Microsoft is proud of its OneNote application for iPhone and Android, you will not receive official approvals for Word, Excel and PowerPoint on these operating systems. The Verge in November forecast that you would find "Office for the iPad in the wild" in early 2013. The CloudOn application lets you virtualize office applications on your iPad or Android devices.

With these third parties' applications you can store your work on Dropbox, Box or Google Drive and bypass SkyDrive and Microsoft's line-up completely. Microsofts encourages third parties to create applications on Office. You can buy these add-ons from the Office Store, including a Brittanica Help Manual, a LinkedIn ESH, and a digital signman.

On this website you log in to get everything to do with the office. Here you can get to SkyDrive and go to the Office Web Apps. Editor's note: This history has been revised with extra detail about the Office for Mac Feeds.

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