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In comparison to version 2010, the program is better integrated with the rest of Office. Office 2010 Buyer's Guide - Breakdown of Office 2010 Edition Office 2010 is coming this months and as always Microsoft offers a choice of Office 2010 Office versions in Byzantium. What is the right Office 2010 for you and which versions can you buy? Seven Microsoft Office 2010 versions are available, only three of which are available through conventional retailers.

Professionals are ranked below in increasing order of difficulty and (except Office 2010 Professional Academic) in increasing order of costs. Every more costly edition contains more apps. All of the last six versions are equipped with a Word or Excel edition that you are probably used to, but the Starter Edition contains Word Starter and Excel Starter, which have limited capabilities and cannot run Macro or Add-Ins.

The Office 2010 Starter also contains ads, which guarantees Microsoft that Office 2010 Starter is free. Microsoft has kept your purchase decisions for Office 2010 quite easy in this regard. Do you need a specific Office 2010 application? Just find the most affordable Office 2010 edition it contains. Apart from the Starter Edition, each Microsoft Office 2010 release contains full editions of Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, and OneNote 2010.

Outlook 2010 is added to the list of Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business apps. The Microsoft Office 2010 Standard contains Publisher 2010, Microsoft's complete desktops and layouts solution. With the exception of the prices, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional and Professional Academic are the same and contain the Microsoft Access 2010 data base use. The Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus enthält Microsoft Communicator 2010, InfoPath 2010 et SharePoint Workspace 2010.

The Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition is only available as a pre-installed product on commercial workstations. You cannot order Office Starter later if your computer vendor did not provide it. However, almost any computer with Windows 7 pre-installed is likely to have Office 2010 Starter included (provided that a commercial copy of Office 2010 is not installed).

There are two ways to buy Office 2010 that are actually for sale: You can use your Office 2010 keyboard to either install a stand-alone Office 2010 install on a computer or to update Office Starter Edition to a full Office 2010 release. Being such, Keycard licences are less expensive than full licences.

Office 2010 Home and Student, Home and Business and Professional are all available from retailers at the following prices: The full version of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Academic is available only from Microsoft Educational Authorised Dealers at a special rate of $99. This is $400 below the default Office 2010 Professional pricing, provided you are eligible for the tee.

Both Microsoft Office 2010 Standard and Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus are only available through Microsoft Volume Licensing or to members of MSDN or Microsoft TechNet Purchasing Service. Pricing varies by the number of licences you purchase, and Microsoft has not released recommended retail pricing for these Office 2010-edition.

This table shows which applications are featured in each edition of Office 2010. How about the Office Web applications? Office 2010 web applications are browser-based editions of Word 2010, Excel 2010, and PowerPoint 2010 and are similar to Google Docs. However, they have the additional advantage that they can handle PowerPoint presentation and OneNotebooks.

Generally, Office Web Apps are add-ons and add-ons to legacy desktop-based Office apps; they are not yet strong enough to substitute conventional Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint. And if you are not familiar with Office Starter Edition because it doesn't have PowerPoint or OneNote features, Office Web Apps can probably close that loop.

When you have serious publication, presentations, or computing needs that go beyond an incidental cover letter, CV, or home budgets, the Office Web Apps will no longer be enough for the Starter Edition. What Office 2010 Edition is right for you? The Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition supersedes MS Works, Microsoft's former beginner productivity suit. When you need simple text editing and spreadsheets features without worrying about serious desk top editing or analytics, then Office 2010 Starter is probably good enough.

Office 2010 Home and Student will be used by almost all Office Starter Edition users. Need macro, pivoting table or PowerPoint presentation creation? If so, you need at least Office 2010 Home and Student. Need Microsoft Outlook 2010? You will then spend an additional $80 to $130 on Office 2010 Home and Business.

However, these are rather enterprise-oriented utilities, so most homes and even small business don't have to care about the chimes and whistling of Office 2010 Professional Plus. Stay with Office 2010 Starter Edition until you are sure you need more than it will have. It' free and Microsoft has made upgrading extreme simple - most Office 2010 Starter displays are for full Office 2010 releases, so just click on one to start the upgrading in.

When you' ve determined what Office 2010 Starter doesn't have but really needs, you can select between Office 2010 Home and Student (for PowerPoint), Home and Business (for Outlook) and Professional (for Publisher and Access).

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