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It' Richard Ford. Philip Roth's ghostwriter. AuthorsJennifer Nansubuga Makumbi Kintu. Writers who attract the reader with a beautiful love story and inspire him with convincing details are the best novelists. This is one of the best books I have ever found on the life of a writer.

Twelve novels about writers..... So what more could a bookworm want?

There is something thrilling and consoling about hitting a person who is as verbal as we are. Be it an editors looking for the writer whose work will transform the way the world works, or an writer who deplores the things he has placed between his pages, which are present or permeated in the past, fiction about creatives makes us want more and more.

Purcell & Stern, one of New York's last major independently owned publishers, is plagued by the one who escaped: the writer Ida Perkins, whose poetry and work have made her famous - and the esteemed writer of his long-standing nerds. As the two gather at her Venice palace, she confides to him her greatest mystery that will forever transform her career and world.

When on a literary expedition to promote his memoirs about his ministry in Vietnam, Richard Lazar is amazed to find two things: victory and his greatest fan: an clumsy, discouraged pupil called Vance who struggles with his families' problems and overwhelmed coyness. 15 years later, when he has to go home for a domestic disaster, he is the state' s number one foe, but when he rejoins old buddies and recalls what brought the place home, he realises that the best things in the world could be second chances. 2.

ANPATCHETT's fiction is known for its romanticism and humanitarianism, and her latest, COMMONWEALTH, is no different. Franny Keating is one of these kids, who begins an attachment with a famous writer without knowing that he will make her one. Frank Bascombe has made a living as a writer by learning about other men and the kind of men - usually the calm ones - that they have.

She has everything: a prosperous home, a worthwhile therapeutic path, and an upcoming novel in which she says a woman should have faith in her instinct and first glimpses of the men she meets. However, a number of horrible incidents cause chaos in their lives and compel them to destroy one lifetime and make another.

WONDER Books, a classics storyline based on academic studies, revolves around Grady Tripp, a former miracle publisher who has a poor case of writer's death and an even more serious case of marriage row, and his disciple James Leer, whose passion for self-destruction and soul-searching brings both into shocking and amusing circumstances.

When you are looking for the best work to begin your passion for the Chabon Cannon, look no further. ONE UNWRITTEN recounts the tale of Tom Taylor, a little kid who lived his whole career in the shadows of his father's favourite Harry Potter-like figure, who just shared his name and whose literature ended with a cliff-hanger about whether the magic Tommy traversed the border of the man.

As mad supporters begin to hunt him, confident that he is a sorcerer, a disgrace breaks out that will forever transform the typing milieu. Suzanne Rindell has three young ambitioned and totally hooked characters - Cliff Nelson, the author' s-son of an influential author; Eden Katz, whose dream of promotion to the top of the editorial board seems to be restricted by her sex; and Miles Tillman, a Harlem-based author whose familial mysteries follow and inspiration his work.

Together they face the battles of the adolescent and make choices that will forever transform them all. Everybody asks themselves now and then what would become of them if they received sudden literary applause, came into the limelight and were seen by the crowds as the next big thing. If Pete Tarslaw's novel becomes the most discussed, widely reading, discussed and scorned novel in America, the results are equally frightening and comical.

For instead of the old-fashioned tweed-clad literature lover, Pete is a train wreck who just writs for cash and the occasion to one day humble the friend who abandoned him - and that's a great tale. If you had a shot at returning to a single time in your entire lives and changing it?

Claire lives exactly the kind of lives she wants, but often thinks of the things she misses; and Gabriela, a renowned writer, asks herself how much her dreams have influenced her destiny. Throughout his whole lifetime Arthur Phillips had a larger-than-life, cheating dad who was only dependable in his passion and possession of the works of William Shakespeare.

Desperately trying to gain the consent of his parents, Arthur becomes a novelist, and when his dad tells him (from prison) that he has kept a decade-long mystery - that he knows the location of an as yet undetected piece of the bard himself - Arthur and his older brother have to make a decision as to whether it is their inheritance to accept the search.

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