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There are more places than ever before where you can publish your novellas, from Melville House's "The Art of the Novella" series of classic novellas to big fiction magazines and nouvella. You do not publish fantasy, sci-fi, short stories, novellas or YA fiction. Novelette, Novella, Short Story, Fiction, Flash-Fiction, Novel. There are many e-book and self-publishers.

Guidelines for submission

Please check our entry policy thoroughly. We currently only accept electronic submissions. You will be able to check your application in good tim. Please also provide us with a brief summary of the volume. A processing period of six to eight weeks is expected. Please hand in your work to only one publishing house at a while.

Acceptance of already released works, but only if the writer has sole right. So long as the speed of the game is interesting, it depends on the contents. Novelles are 15,000 - 39,999 Many fiction for young adults and young people falls into this category. Fiction is 40,000 and more. The majority of fiction falls between 40,000 and 100,000 words.

You can ask a novel with more than 100,000 words to cut the volume short or, if it is long enough, split it into two different volumes. Printing cost increases the sales cost of a multi-page volume. To keep our rates low and attractive to the general population.

A lower number of words than this would generally be regarded as free reading. Check out the website for announcement and storyline competitions. Please note that we do not accept children's tales (under 8 years of age) less than 18,000 words in length. Submission category (let us know the category of your book): Books titles - name of the writer.

PLEASE NOTICE THAT ONLY COMPLETE MANUSCRIPTS WILL BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT FOR PUBLISHING. At the moment we do not accept non-fiction books. But in the gruesome category, there are some that can be taken into consideration if they are in the back of the storyline, or if they evolve in the direction of an event. We will not under any circumstance disclose sexually abused underage people.

Neither do we accept children's tales for the younger group. This is due to the cost. They are usually much smaller and most kids who will not read their story on-line or on an e-reader. Authors want to have their works printed and these expenses are too high for such brief works without any earnings for publishers or authors.

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