Novelist Career Path

The Novelist Career Path

What is the best advice you've ever received on your way to becoming a novelist? I was led on the garden path by websites selling the voice-over dream. Every creative profession is a popular career path. Learn how to create an effective career path. When you only get one of Donald Maass' books to help you on your career as a writer, make it this one.

Making a career as a writer

They are more likely to be hit by lightening than to be able to live by the written word from the very beginning. Nobody was ever a good author without first having written over a million words of muck. One has to know how to spell well by learning to spell and how to type.

Only about 10% of all members of Science and Fantasy Writers of America live from their work. Approximately half of those who live from literature live from it. Chances are less than when you' re typing.

There is nothing more difficult to do than to just take a seat and writ after such a strenuous days that your mind has shut down. Now if you really want to make a serious life of it, choose what is the least you can make a livelihood from, because that is probably what you will do for years and years once you are able to go full-time.

When you really want to live seriously from your work, you will sacrifice your time. You' ll type every lesson before or after work (some folks are better at typing when they get up, some are better at typing after work) and every week-end, or whatever you have a day off.

You' re willing to finish this daily work and try full-time, if you have five fulltime scripts or scripts that someone else has been paying you for, everyone has been paying better than the last one, you have three more scripts in your hands, and you have a year and a half of the money in the book.

But you could choose not to do all that. Think about what I just said, only ten per cent of most authors are writing full-timers for their money.

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