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Get your copies now and write your best book today! That must be my favorite writing book by far. Many thanks for choosing Writing Your Novel From Start to Finish: Please click on the links below to access the downloadable, innovative worksheets (PDF). Building on the success of its predecessor, Writing the Breakout Novel, this powerful book helps readers improve their work with hands-on lessons and exercises.

Here at last! The new workbooks make it easy, intuitive and entertaining to organize and structure your novel.

That looks like a great notion. I' ve just written'FINIS' on my first design of my first novel and was looking for the ideal way to do it! I am curious how they can help with my next big projects while I'm waiting for my first design to get cold before the first round of work. = Happy birthday to the start!

Very enthusiastic about the work books! I' m trying to design a novel in a category I don't feel well in. Do you know how much I like give-aways? I am already a big supporter of the game. Can' t wait to bury it in the workbook! The structure of your textbook has its place on my desktop.

Their portfolios have come at the ideal moment for my two tales that wash around in my mind just sitting there walking through the doorframes. I' ve been reading Uplining Your Novel and participated in a Structuring Your Novel web seminar. They are great and I' m sure that folders will help make it easy.

OUTLINE Your Novel is more about brain storming and organising outlines. Covering wider storyline principals such as the discovery of your character and the typesetting and discovery of your storyline. Your novel is structured around the essentials of history, scenes and phraseology. So if you're planning to do both, I suggest you start with outline as it's more basic.

However, if you only want to have one thing to look at, I suggest that you use the structure, as its basic principle is more important for effective storyline. I' ve written your novel entitled Structure Your Novel - it was strongly commended to me at my first authors' meeting last year. This workbook will be fantastic! As a newcomer to the writing industry, especially writing in a fictional way, I need all the help I can get!

When I write my novel, I like to work with a very sketchy sketch, and I always remember being open to the infinite potential of history and not being scared of the subconscious and the intuitive subtleties that make it particular and original. Enforcing myself to adhere to an outline in an accurate way and it squashed my creativity and the more tales were shortage shine, but with the newly found liberty, I find my tales more irresistible, but I still have to work on getting with plots and the overall texture.

I had an similar experiance to Charlotte with my own way of thinking - I used to be a full out liner, with every sequence preplanned, and that was what really got me going first, but then I began to believe that my tales lost some of the authentication created by writing on the bottom of myusers.

And, having been studying the history so early in my writing, it has become a bit intuitively for me, so that I can create a trouser bottom while I still have a proper first design. I' m so nervous about the new files! Although I "plan" a great deal, I really have struggled with structuring and I' ve been hearing great things about these ledgers.

Congratulations on starting your workbook! Worksheets are a useful supplement. Oh, I like that you made work books for that. So I saw this in my mailbox this mornings and went straight to Amazon to buy the folders. I' m so nervous about these work books! I' d like to get those ledgers.

I' m using the Mindjets application to organise and sketch my outlines. Just yesterdays I was wondering how I would like to have a workbook copy of My Novel and here it is! I can' t wait to get my own copy. and I can't look forward to seeing what the portfolios look like!

I also like the ePub/mobi concept. They are great worksheets. I' ve read many novels to get different views on what works for me and to give me the best possible story/novels. Those journals would help me organize and complete my first one.

This sketchbook helps me to understand an concept and turn it into a working history that is almost completed. I' ve kept a ton of textbooks to help me, and none of them gave me the sparks I needed until I outlined your novel. Thought I was a full-grown pair of pants, but the script made me realise that I'm a hybrids.

I' m so nervous about the workbook! I' m looking forward to these! I am always impelled by my personality and want to know how to improve my structures! Thank you for the offer such a great give away! Thank you for the chance to take home your marvellous works (I already own a few of them).

I' ve been reading both Your Novel and Your Novel Structuring, and I think these worksheets are a great way to put this expertise to use and help me work. Dear loves your textbooks and loves the site! I' m still new to sketching, but what has been most helpful to me is writing down as much of my sStory as possible and then trying to sketch the storyline and characters after I have a fairly good sense of where I'm going.

Those files make a great deal of difference. As I know, many people reading the basic textbooks agree with the law. However, I have a "style guide" of my script to keep an eye on the spelling of the names and any changes I have made to my story so that I can go back and make changes to certain sequences if necessary.

I' ve been looking forward to your folders. & very impressing details. Happy birthday to the presentation of the album! But I definitely think the notion of having portfolios in electronic form is great, as they then become re-usable plus it stops a certain spouse from groaning about me who has earned even more books!

To sketch a novel is to sketch it by scene as if you were making a theatre piece, a film or a dramatic of some kind, because a novel is a dramatic of some kind. and they were very revealing. I think the worksheets should be a good help when I'm working my way through the first novel.

Congratulations on the start of these volumes This is great new. Just to let you know how useful I found'Outline'. This workbook looks like a great supplement to my prospective novelist's writing course. I already purchased your notebooks, but it would be great to get a copy of the files.

I am looking forward to working with the work books Your workbook " Structure your novel " has been a great help so far! It is my task to burst a whole section I have in my mind (inspired by a multitude of springs, preachings, films, accidental experiences), to store it and let the history in my skull.

Plots of portfolios are an ingenious concept, and there is no one who would rather use them. I' m very nervous to get my hand on these! If I get bogged down in one sequence, I usually call out another sequence to make my juice flow. I' ve already got your textbooks and I'm thrilled about the workbook.

But don't use Twitter so can't do those postings, damn it...!) Cash is solid right now so these ledgers may have to put on my wish book, LOL. "Shared your best moves to sketch and structure your story! "You' re joking, right? I've never been an outline or plotting writer, and I've been writing for over 40 years (since seventh grade).

I' m inclined to begin with an initial concept, personality or sequence and then move on. I' m getting an image for a sequence or a discussion and I have to record it, then, when I'm working on a novel, I'll put that sequence or discussion where it should go.

Hmm.....maybe that's why I didn't publish anything...because I'm not structured...but right now I'm reworking a novel for which I requested a summary a good year ago. I' ll sketch with your techniques, completely with spiraled journals and coloured markers. I then fill in the points and continue until the opponent kidnaps my narrative and I have to begin again from the beginning.

Congratulations on the work books! I' ve written STRUCTING Your Novel as an e-book and it's awesome. I' m an outerliner, but I know it's just the basis for how the plot can work out. It' s nice when the history develops in an organic way and not necessarily on the way of the first sketch.

That looks much more efficient than my stick-on notes release of OUTLINEING. I am happy to see all the hit you have with your textbooks, you are a great writer and I really look forward to you continuing to write more textbooks to help us with our fiction stories or our work. Thank you for everything you've done for the writing group.

I outline, take note and put in everything else that will help me concentrate and relate to my storyline, such as research, characters, speeches or accidental dialogues for later and so on. I am always caught between building complicated pre-writing patterns and driving the narration forward before localizing and reworking a pattern to adapt it.

I' ve seen some of your fiction and a bunch of your blogs, but I haven't dug in any of your writing art titles yet! and I can't wait to try the workbook version. It' going to be very useful in tracking all the parts of my novel.

Those ledgers look beautiful! They' re making me write a new novel. It' s a pity that I have to re-write, rework and rework two finished scripts before I can even consider a new one. Meaning... the ledgers will be here when the brainstorm. I tried to outline the log lines, but I never got very far with them.

They look like they might be just what you're looking for. I am looking forward to both of them, hopefully it will also help with my motivations! I can' resist seeing her! Great excitement for the folders! I look forward to using it after NaNoWriMo to turn this raw design into a novel. Here is the hope that I can get some works and worksheets for this submission.

Merry novels! All I need is an outlines (!), an evaluative play list to let the words flow, and scrivener (not sure how my dispersed writing brains worked in front of that program)! For the first while I was browsing your blogs, I was correctly implemented to sketch and organize.

I did some research and found some ways that I liked at first, but in the end none of them seemed to work very well. I noticed J.K. Rowling's design for the fifth volume of the Harry Potter family. Trying to sketch my next one in her own way (about 6 month ago), I realized that it worked really well.

I' ve been reading Structuring Your Novel and I really liked it. Helps me figure out how to tell a tale more efficiently. Since then I really want to study the book outlining your novel, because although I found a way that works quite well, I could still go a long way with it.

Prost, I'm really looking forward to these work books. Since I own Structucturing Your Novel, I would like to have the workbook. The most useful thing I have learnt about the structure is that you can't count on the story being the key point of the work.

Those ledgers look great! I probably preferred to read your characters sheet row to understand the strengths and weaknesses of my own MC-trip. Can' t wait to use those files. I' m in the downsprint of my first novel.

When it comes to past occurrences in my work. It is important to keep an overview of what has been happening in the past to connect with the present in my work. I' d like your help with these volumes so that I don't get into the undergrowth of freedom of action.

I' ve already got the files, but the folders look like a great implement. I am always keen to know more about the organisation and structures of the give-away. I' ve bought some of Katie's Kindle and they are well thought out and funny to use.

Your novel writing instructions are also great. Well, I think the textbooks are gonna be fucking delicious. Those ledgers look marvelous! A great way to help authors make their works interactively. I' m starting my first novel and found your website and your novel "Structuring Your Novel" unbelievably help!

I' m dying to see your paperwork. To me, sketching was the keys to staying healthy during Nanowrimo. To have a script that also addresses the gaps and character issues? Draw me agitated! I' m very curious about the folders! So I know the labor manuals will be.

A failing panther, I thought I needed both your outlining and your structural textbooks and found them both immensely useful! I' ve got both the "original" book (and the commented Jane Eyre, which is excellent) and I'm a big fans of texture and contours, no matter how narrow they may be. The narrower they are, the more creatively I can handle the narrative (like a security net).

Then, use "Structuring Your Novel" to ensure that your storyline contains all the items found in the best tradition. Take a few more passports and realign the contour. I' m also happy to take a note of the goal/conflict for each sequence before I do. WARNING: And don't just "pants" like Stephen King (that may sound strange), so give yourself leave to review and post a post!

I' m listening to the blog post faithful (I like it) and besides new contents you also give classes and how-to's (of course! I'm very interested in the structured and structural romances - that would be new to me, but I think it would make a big deal of distinction in my process), and also writing fiction.

Thank you to Jim for the ideas for the work books. Thank you for writing it! Godspeed on the presentation. I like to use mental mappings when I start sketching, because every concept is as rough as a big Blop without struct. I use the mindmap to write down every suggestion on a piece of hard copy or on the monitor so that I can organise it later.

And, in addition, I download my memos and create my own workbook that helps me finish my first design. Getting so upset about your portfolios - last night it was on Kindle and last evening a quick look - loving it. There are still some action and structural issues and I can't look forward to delving into them.

DEAR IT! Can' t wait to own the files! Thank you for writing, K.M. I definitely enjoy the book and welcome the workbook size for simpler brain storming meetings! This is a great book, especially the workbook size. If I draw a novel, I usually know a few storylines how the novel will end and maybe a few additional things I know they must be in there.

So then I type and it usually all goes out the windows and I end up with something much more rewarding. Perhaps in a different place that I initially meant to do, or be forced back into a scheduled continuation, and even in a first design things often happens twice or even three times, because I am writing and walking: "Oh, that would work so much better here!

Eventually I end up writing on the back of my trousers, let the people take me where they want to go, and let them do what they want. I' ll guide them in the right directions if I have to, but they are the star of the novel, not me.

I' m just the container through which they can tell their stories. In the hope of winning the work books! I' m about to write my first novel. Can' tell you how nervous I am! I have struggled with my writing, and my writing loses, which means that I also lose.

It was an awesome notion. I am still in the phase of collecting hints and hints. Your textbooks were a gold mine for me. It' such a straightforward but great notion. What's my tip on sketching? I am a pictorial individual, so I like to set up papers (poster papers or the like) and map the main storylines and then add (and move) stick-on memos for the scene if necessary.

Thank you for the give away and congratulations on the new folders! I' ve never seen Structuring Your Novel, but I really enjoy sketching your novel (I have to buy a copy of both). I can' keep my novel designs in my mind. I always develop my books differently than I think, so apart from a few reminders that I want to incorporate, I haven't made any contours yet.

I' m proud of all the ledgers you've been writing and all the things you've got. Is there any other way beyond Amazon to get the online manual? Shipping to Australia is more than the actual volume! I' m sure they'll show up at BD at some point (see links to one of Katie's originals below), as they're in Amazon's possession.

I' d also like it in pocket. And, to be honest, a present for this Christmas of the same volume. I' ve tried to get the workbook and the workbook, but I' m waiting for it to appear on BD. I' m very nervous about these ledgers. I take outlining and structuring and both worksheets on my iPad.

I like Scrivener the most. In Scrivener, you can create a templates that contains all your favorite structures, as well as book suggestions, quizzes and more. This is an outstanding selection of information textbooks. Wonderful novels - congratulations on the relaunch! I' ve thoroughly read your writing class and tried to translate it into my own writing.

I' m looking forward to delving into your folders. Outline is the right way, especially with coloured markers and pencils to keep an overview of story and drawing sheets. It is my pleasure to sketch your novel and to structure your novel. My two specimens have dog-ears and are emphasized. I can't wait to see the workbooks....hoping to have them!

Whilst I get the actual copy in the futures (because, physics usually books), with Christmas cash is a little bit cramped, so this is great! and they' re in my hand. Congratulations on starting the workbook, such a great notion! I' ve tried sketching a book in the past and then I took my pants off.

Those files are such a great notion! The best thing for me to do is sketch on sketchbook pad. I' m unable to sketch at all on the computer. Contouring is something I'm still working on. Lovin' this give-away! "The book is one of my favorite textbooks and I always go back to it.

To sketch my work, to be honest, I'm just at the beginning of my first work. Initially I had begun with a simple plots and then began to write because I thought that I could plott over time (pulling pants), but I seriously can't work that way. I need to go over and get a general overview of everything before I do it.

Which.... is why I'm so interested in your new work books. I' already have the two how to outlines and how to organize, but I think I'd really enjoy the portfolios too! It' a great way to create a workbook! I' m dying to use it!

I' ve seen so many of your stories - they've been very helpful in my writing. I' ve really loved both of those ledgers! Can' t wait to make them again with workbooks! Thanks for compiling these stories. That workbook is a great notion. You' re right if you forget half the thoughts when it comes to writing.

As a general rule, it can be very useful to discuss a history with those who have more and more extensive experiences in the actual state. Love the product, so I'm really aflutter to grasp the product and put feather any content! Usually I like to make a floor plan and keep enough space in the action so that I still have room for the incentive of the second.

Also I like writing personalities as I am writing; this way I build personalities as I walk, but I can still have a shortlist as a point of referral when I need it. Jessica P. My best sketching advice - I have a tendency to do a rather brain storming sessions where I begin with one thing and then just spin from there.

With the first sketch at least, because I'm sometimes more of a "see-where-that-goes"....then when I have a better grasp of what I'm trying to type, I can go back and take a few comments. I' ve got to say, I'm not the best at sketching - it's a fight for me.

One of my favourite tricks is to find a place where you know he has to be in history and work from there. The addition of the sketchbook then made it much simpler to confirm the choices. I' d still like to take home the remainder of the kit. Particularly the new files.

I' m learning so much from your contributions, I can only think how much better your textbooks and textbooks would be! The best way to sketch and organize a storyline is to employ someone to do it for me. I' m giving you a few pointers to outlines. So I like to reduce these important areas of focus in your work.

And I also like your plottering character arc range, and all this for all my main protagonists. You can never ever author too many novels. I' ve used Structucturing Your Novel to create my latest script (highly recommended!) and would like to have the workbook to help with what I'm preparing.

I purchased it for my tablet, but I will have to choose a pocket edition of the workbook because it won't let me open the workbook and the workbook back and forth at the same tim. I was very upset about what I saw in the workbook.

Sitting in a coffeehouse this mornin' read it over a cup of tea and a glass of currant sandwich, I bounced up and down (albeit internally) I'm so happy you're enjoyin' the workbook! When you have Kindle for PCs, you can open one there and the other on your tray. I' ve got both my folders now - thanks Santa!

High up in a piece so long ago it seems scary, I think you said that they work together - with "outlining" being the more fundament. So, I begin and go to "Structure". Sketching takes you directly into the structuring, so I suggest you do it in this order.

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