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However, please remember that writing is the first priority and it may take a while. The writer Joshua Cohen experimented with his next PCKWCK as a live stream writing project. Site and online tools plotting can be incredibly helpful for authors trying to plan their novel. The historian Elizabeth Crook has published an excellent article on her website on the "Seven Rules for Writing Historical Fiction". E-mail: discovertexas@hot.

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What is your font size? Fortunately, there are some astonishing web pages that will help you enhance your typing and take it to the next stage. Would you like to reinforce your history, enhance your services and boost your publisher work? There are 23 pages (in no particular order) that I look forward to every day:

If you find this is a useful feature, please post it on Twitter, Facebook or StumbleUpon - I would really appreciate it! Amazing article about freelance and copyring. Self-styled "very kind Frahlingin", Kristin Nelson, complains about her work. Article about everything from freelance to fictional, by a group of authors.

An author provides you with the necessary tool to....well...nail your novel! Many good insights into screenwriting, but also for authors of novels. Authors' career and career advancement. There are three great female authors who help with reviews and pitching and offering tutoring packs. Hands-on article about the work of several leading authors of novels.

While this is certainly not a complete listing of all the blog and web site that I am following, each of them provides consistent high level information. Which pages help you to strengthen your letter? Updated: Have a look at my new shortlist of 23 (More) web pages that strengthen your typing. Everything is new - no repetitions from the above mentioned lists!

Do you get a free copy of my eBook read better, Writers Better - Novel Studies Workbook for Striving Novellists when you subscribe up for my month-resource wrap-up circular.

Which is a good website/software for a novel?

This is something new that just went live a few month ago. Sterling & Stone Story Studio story tellers (Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant and David W. Wright) know everything about quickly plotting great story. StoryShop is risk-free for thirty consecutive trading sessions - you can review or even cancel your work at any age.

While you can view the functions at, in brief: you can freely build any character, location and item. You can use these character, location and item artwork to ask you all types of question about them in different chatrooms. They can also associate contents with intelligent relations. A $9/month account also lets you make more specific "things" in your world: currently things like beasts, race, religion, group, spell, language, and scene.

Or you can build "universes" to insert all of your contents, to seperate the contents of one narrative or novel from the next, and you can "bind" your laptop to a particular cosmos to sort out anything other than what is pertinent to the worid you are about.

Anytime you want to save your laptop in JSON, CSV, JSON, XML or textual formatting. I used it to get ready for two different National Novel Writing Months, and there are about 8,000 other writers who use it as well. You can create a note pad for your preferences, character, etc., as well as for draft.

With Mindomo's on-line edition, you can collect novel inspiration in mindmaps and then turn any mindmap into a design for further sophistication. You can also recreate contours from the ground up if you don't want to begin with mindmaps.

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