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First and foremost, the purpose of author websites is to promote the author's books and increase sales. The snowflake method of writing a novel. Card to illustrate writing a fantasy novel blog post. The Fiction Writer's Mentor is a website for fiction writers that provides resources, information and ideas to help you learn your craft. Approx.

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Which are good sites to help you compose a novel?

Your input will help us to show you more pertinent information in the near to you. DeMarco Athul, has written the well selling "An.Al - The Origins". This place is a repository for everything you always wanted to know about tales, character and storylines..... Thanks for your feedbacks! You will receive personal feedbacks.

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I never thought I would become such a fan of web sites as I have always been and always will be a laptop-fanatist. However, the benefits of using certain sites and on-line softwares cannot be ignored. Several web sites, weblogs and numerical utilities have been developed with the author in view.

You will have hints and hints to advance and deepen your action. Haven't you found out many key areas of action yet? Several of them have prompt that can get your gear wheels in motion. I knew many of these pages before I wrote this article, but through research I found even more and fell in touch with them.

I' ve written a completely different article about the many amazing applications of Pinterest for authors here, so I won't go into detail. These can be supplemented with hints and tips for the development of your property. Loving her Inspiration Station, a site of resource and advices only.

The Well Store is a blogs and guides treasury of the writer Kristen Kieffer. It' a blogs where I can enjoy my time without regretting it. You can find everything from the construction of a property to anything else you could ever need to make your history here. Bryn Donovan, another author's own blogs, uses her experience and expertise to educate other emerging authors about what she has learn.

From the command prompt to the finished editing - all from one source. The majority of authors are conscious of National Novel Month in November, when authors around the world join forces to create their own 50,000-word novel in 30-day time. However, what you may not know is her Nano Quick page, which contains hints and postings all year round to help authors reach their November objectives.

This website's main feature is an on-line course for authors to complete their novel. However, her less hype is what I will be recommending to you. Fill to the rim with well thought-out articles about everything to do with the letter, it can help you every stage of the way.

Guided by dilettante Sara Ridley, you'll find advices, unbelievable blogs and downloaded spreadsheets (most of which are free). When you ever feel really buckled up for an idea, whether for your primary action or other little idea, generator can be a great ally. On this page you can randomly generated storyline inspiration, select a particular category and have a Random Folder Text created, or even randomly generated characters titles or songs.

There is one for plotter ideeas, for plotter doubles and even first rows. You say your idea may not make much good use, but it can get your equipment up and running. Like the name says, this is a page full of waiting times for typing requests. Whilst not a synthesizer for the two above, this blog will have a unique class that will be stuffed with poles that prompted your typing.

A few contributions give you a special dialog for integration or just a plan concept. This is not all, but the other write types on this page are just as useful. The Tumblr page is unbelievable for really coincidental thoughts that could be used on any kind of novel. Featuring postings that tell you to add three particular things to a particular sequence or personality style, this page is great fun to browse through.

The use of spreadsheets for your typing may seem a little mediocre, but rely on me, they work. I' m not going to go into each of these three sites because they all achieve the same thing in their own ingenious way. However, do you know that they all have (FREE!) spreadsheets that can help you create the story and everything that comes after it.

I' ll just let it go and I' ll put a further detailed article here. When you' re typing a novel that's in a physical town, it has to be precise. I' ve never written a piece about my passion for this piece of music, but when I say it's on it.

Stores everything for your history, incl. venue information & research, plot outline, (literally EVERYTHING) in one easy-to-access place. Instead, it's a paid-for, month-to-month subscriptions that lets you securely type your novel both on and off-line. Threello is something I've always been hearing about, but never tried for myself until I researched for this blogs item.

It is a motherboard that flows into several subboards, all of which you can use for parts of your novel, such as slot points, chance inspirations, and even characters inspections. The Lucidchart is more for those who prefer to put all their points into a chart or flow chart.

I' m not a big flow chart guy, but I tested it for this review and it was definitely simple to get the knack. The simple research for this article led me to new features I would like to know more about. In the commentaries, let me know some of your favourite plotter design software.

I would like to try them out and maybe put them in another article like this one. Thank you for your time!

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