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New writing tools

Before National Novel Writing Month, Jason Snell will show you various Mac tools for writing, organizing and focusing. Learn more about four free bookwriting programs. Pens are not nearly as mysterious and specialized as those of a car mechanic or surgeon. Like writing a novel: I've said over and over again that Ulysses is my favorite writing instrument and I love it to death.

Complimentary and affordable authoring software solutions

When you want to create a novel, you need new authoring tools. I am a commercial writer, so I went through the novel typing and found the novel typing softwares that work for me. So here are all the new types of authoring tools I use.

The most of these utilities are either free or inexpensive, these referrals are all the utilities I really use, and I don't get bribes for their referral. In order to write a first sketch of your history, a minimum text processing will help you to concentrate on the words themselves without having to worry about formating, lay-out and all the squiggled rows you get in Microsoft World.

It tends to have virtually no option or additional functionality, so you don't waste your precious free computing resources and continue to write instead. I' m using iA Writer on my Macbook for my Macbook for my initial typing, i.e. for the first design of each section. Also I own the iPhone versions of iA Writer, but I don't use them often, because the display and keypad are too small for serious work.

It is much more effective to remain in the write area until you have completed a design and then fix all typing errors in one operation. iA Writer is available here. Critics applications scan your work to ensure that the spelling is grammatical but possibly bad. I' m using Pro Rewriting Aids and find the reports'repeated words' and'vague words' particularly useful.

You can get it here. Critical pages usually work on a mutual basis: you check someone else's work and receive credentials that mean other folks check your work. However, I suggest it with some reservations, see my articles about getting feedbacks on your novel for advice on how best to use criticism softwares and criticism websites to enhance your typing.

When you plan to publish your novel yourself, you need a piece of artwork creation work. Self-publish ing-platforms allow you to create a template-generated artwork, but your books will look more professionally when you make your own. They are both free and simple to use picture processing applications that I use to experiment with bookshelves. iPiccy is here and Pixlr is here.

I' m using GIMP to create my books when iPiccy or Pixlr aren't efficient enough. When you publish yourself, then once you have used the novel typing code above to get the novel typed and altered, and the graphic code to create a coverage, you will want to get the product on to Amazon's website.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the way to get there. Amazon provides all the necessary utilities free of charge. I' m explaining how to use Kindle Direct Publishing to make your novel available on Amazon in How to Self Publish on Kindle in Three Easy Steps. If you are following this procedure, you will need to post the eBook on Amazon.

When you want a really professional-looking work, you can turn your own work into Kindle's HTML file by yourself. The simplest way was to use Komodo Edit to transform the Microsoft Word file into Kindle-specific HTML. The Kindle Viewer is a Kindle Viewer that lets you review how your textbook will look on different kinds of Kindle.

If you are not cautious, your textbook can look good on one kind of Kindle, but horrible on another. With the Kindle Previewer you can quickly change between the Kindle editions and see what the Kindle will look like for each of them. Kinddle Previewer is here. It is much more rewarding to have your completed work in your hand than to view it on a monitor.

So you want to make both a pocketbook and a Kindle-versions. Createspace, which is also from Amazon and is also free of charge, is the simplest one. I' ll show you how to get your pocket guide at Amazon with Createspace in How to Self Publish on Createspace the Easy Way. Using Excel tables to plan and follow up on the advances in the sections of the workbook.

How about a special, innovative write application? Several all-in-one new write authoring solutions are available. I' ve tried some of these'all-in-one' novel authoring binaries, and I don't think they're really valuable via the utilities in the uplist. In addition, custom, novel authoring and editing utilities are usually more versatile and you can try different packs to find the ones that are perfect for you.

A free'all-in-one' bundle is YWriter, which is available here. Well, here we are: all the new kind of authoring softwares you really need, from the first design to your Amazon-books. When I wrote my novel A Knuckle in the mornings. There are no more pretexts, download the application and continue to write!

I would like to receive your ideas for other new types of authoring tools I might find useful, please send me an e-mail.

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