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New writing tools

Download our free guide to the seven tools that will help you write (and finish) your novel. From Sue Grafton I chose one of the best running writing tools for conflicts. It is undeniable that writing a novel is a great task. Joining author Kevin Kraft to develop writing tools to help you complete a novel and promote it once it's finished. They need good writing instruments to find their way around.

Typing tools for NaNoWriMo

The National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a real challange for all creatives to create an complete novel with 55,000 words in 30 workdays. Sure, you may not think you are willing or have a novel completely in your mind, but the whole point is to drive yourself forward and think innovatively. Don't be worried - we've collected seven useful features, hints, apps, etc. to help you create your own award winning work.

When you' re like us, Microsoft World will remind you of non-creative hassle at work and at home with its sturdy but varied menu and comprehensive functions. When you' re looking for a longer typing experience, look for a text editing application that will allow you to concentrate and get you aroused.

A minimalistic submenu will only appear when you move the cursor, and you can even move and resize the pane you are typing into. If you are a computer user or if you want a few more menus, you may like Focus Writer, a free application that works on all major operating systems. With Focus Writer, you can switch to similar distraction-free sessions without having to do without useful utilities such as spelling checkers and tabs.

10 top tools to get your novel going

Nov. is National Novel Month and that means that if you haven't begun your history, now is the best season. It has a lot of psychological and emotive advantages, so let's get to work! These are some helpful utilities. Let's be honest, if you have a history to tell, the context in which you do it is less important than the possibility of getting your history out.

If you have the ability to give your workplace a small ergonomically designed stroke, optimise it for maximum efficiency and perhaps even find a workplace that is just a little novel to tingle your mind, you will go far.

Writing from the comfort of your own home or going out into the wilderness to be inspire by the hustle and bustle of a coffeeshop, by the books of information in a local collection or simply by those running around the area.

To write your novel is one thing, but getting someone to take a look at it and help you work on it, or even help you get artwork, create a front page or other funny things you might want to have done when you are planning to release or even release yourself can be difficult.

The Reedsy provides you with a great shared space of help. Obviously not every NaNoWriMo will be a script you want to release, but if you use the months as an occasion to end your memoir, or a script you wanted to start anyway, the services can help you turn it into something greater than a script you're proud of.

When you like to type on a piece of writing or even just take a note and take your thoughts down on a piece of writing you need a sturdy pen. Hardcover kinds and notepad kinds obviously differ, but we have here some sound proposals (and so do blokes in this post's notes), and even put two great fighters, moleskine and field annotations, head-to-head in a showdown.

Soon as you choose a notepad, when you need help making the most of it, not just taking down your storyline or sketching your storyline (or you never know who is alive and who is dying), we have some advice that can help you out there.

Sometimes the right pen makes the big deal and encouraging you to use the notepad you put in your bag to take a note when your inspirations come. Are pencils not your own personal signature and you would rather have a little more......editable, perhaps a good one would work better?

In either case, if you simply plot or write down your idea and note, you may want the imperfection of a black and white graph. Away from analogue write modes, you may want a straightforward, distraction-free text editing tool on your computer that helps you concentrate solely on the write-proces.

There' s a lot to do, and I myself like Write! a plattform spanning authoring instrument, which we already know. A lot of folks favor FocusWriter, which I love. When it' s not your own personal signature there are many applications for all kinds of letters and all kinds of authors to select from.

An easy text edit is OK if you are in the area and only want to put a few words on a page, but if you need something harder to really organise those words, topics, paragraphs and even whole pages, you need upsets. There are many advantages to using it ( "Ulysses" and its price), but once you get used to it, you must never use anything else to do it.

There are also portable applications that help you keep up to date on the go and store and synchronize your work with Dropbox, iCloud and more. So if you want to have a simple, distraction-free editorial and just bet a little more, take a look at this month's evaluation and see if it's the ~$45 you'll be spending on it.

Scrivener is the right application for those looking for something harder than urysses and a novel writer's work. Not only does it combine some of the functions provide easier, distraction-free applications, but also functions like special folders for your project, utilities that help you to store research subjects you write about, reviews, research memos and even utilities that help you store your work and recall what you will do next when you return to your work.

Scrivener is the tools for many authors to create novels, and for good reasons. And if you want to type on the go, there's an iPhone and iPad application that delivers most of its best functions. No matter which tools you use to compose your novel, which application you buy or how you assemble everything, your most important tools for NaNoWriMo will ensure that you never survive half a script or a set of editing and then let your computer perish and take all your work with you.

Crashplan is our preferred option, but there are many good features that are as good or simpler to use as BackBlaze. No matter what you choose, no matter what you do, make sure your projects are secure. Be sure you don't come until November 28 and then loose everything you've been working on all months.

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