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Do you have a great idea for a novel? On-line creative writing courses and author forum. Writing & Artist Writing Courses. The seven-week course introduces you to the secrets of the bestseller. The course is ideal for:

The things a course in creativity learned me in literature... bücher.

The most frequently asked is: Would I have posted before bed if I hadn't attended a course in creativity? Well, of course I can see that. This is usually a curious and often asked by those who write themselves, and their unuttered twins are covered in it: do you think I should take a course in creativity to do what you did?

Normally I will say that I would have been writing my novel if I hadn't been to class, but I think it would have taken much longer. I have repartee and it is false; it imply that the course did little more than give me a short cut for public. Indeed, the course has done so much more.

I took it seriously when I started typing, and although it had never occurred to me that one of these days I could create a best-seller, I thought I could reasonably do well. I wasn't a novelist. All I knew was that I wanted to be one and saw the course as a way to find out if it could be possible one time.

The first evening of the course Louise Doughty gave us an encouraging lecture. Coffee and pint sinking as I discussed literature and speech and wrote with those who took care of things as much as I did. In our classes I got to know dialog and nature and the meaning of conflicts.

I' ve learnt never to begin a work with someone who is awakened by an alert (oops!), and to be careful to prevent advisers and clichés like the ahemera. When I called myself a novelist, I learnt it was me. He' re a novelist. Well, I really enjoy the talk. I understand my own understanding of the word writ.

and I started to learn how to do my best work. Most of the time, however, the course gave me the spotlight. It taught me that typing is tough work. Lectures about action and attitude and texture and vocabulary can help, but the only way to become a better author is to write.

Would I have been able to write before going to bed, before I learned these classes? Do I have to take a course to study it? I had no answer or insight for years when asked about the University of East Anglia's successful MA in Arts Writing.

She didn't say anything about the work either - but she was treating me like a novelist, and that made all the difference. What did Angela Carter say? It' astonishing how much you study when other folks are reading your work. Creativity in typing brings the things out of the mind and into the room.

The only one-way street of a letter is from the inside out. Some years ago I overheard someone say that Malcolm's great knack was to recognize talents in the job interview phase - so maybe that's the true mystery of a good course in creativity. There'?s nothing to help a novelist when he pays his rents.

Being a first-year creativist, I especially recall one lecture. I' d been hoping that studying to write creatively would go further in this direction - three easy ways to make a readers cry, top hints to convey a revealing personal reality - but it didn't work that way.

That was the last of my great imaginative writings: that there is no consensus, no sure way, and in the end we all end up traveling alone.

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