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Also be sure to vote for your favorite novelists. Native Americans are self-confessed authors of post-colonial literature. The series behind an author's back is a good way to get his name out. A few novels use fictional and other real settings. The British name has a magical future in J.

K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels).

World-famous writers - biographies, timelines, interesting facts & biography

This is a biography of some of the world's most important writers, including their stories, interesting facts, timelines and personalities. It is a fictive novel, often narrated, depicting protagonists and happenings in the shape of a long storyline that usually takes place in a succession of occurrences, and the writers are referred to as novel writers.

Romanes are very tedious and complicated in relation to topics, characters and storyline attitudes. They are the longest form of storytelling as a fictional literature. The trend to be long-winded has given rise to a major discussion about what should be the minimal threshold for a novel to be known.

It' generally acknowledged that any play of fantasy is categorised as a novel if it is longer than 40,000 words. Composing a novel requires tremendous effort; it is no simple matter to design an action, make fictitious figures and construct a storyline around them that is interesting enough to make the reader study the whole novel and get them to do more.

It' a tendency for many authors of novels to begin as reporters or screenwriters before they try to write a novel. To meet some of the most prominent personalities in the industry, simply browse through the bios below. It contains biographical histories, occupational and private information, time lines and interesting facts about some of the most important authors.

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The Paste Book squad chose a variety of awards when it was decided to review the best stories of 2016. As we were making this novel, we edited tens of awesome stories - and found that there were tens more we wanted to do. That'?s the beauty of fiction: More and more new and valuable works will be available.

There are 25 titles on this page that we love in 2016, and we believe you will. Whether you love translating literature or would rather deal with modern mystery stories, we guarantee that every one of the titles on this page will provide exciting reading.

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