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Reread as many big crime stories as you can. As there are important keys to reading any kind of literary genre (see our tips for reading a textbook), reading a novel is no different. Don't just stop, adapt it to a novel to get even more reach with these scripts! Professional tips on what makes a good thriller will help you make your dream come true, especially if it's your first novel in the genre. Science can make or break your novel.

Seven writing tips I'm following this past summers to help me complete my novel by the end of the year.

Each May I get an excitement in my tummy when it comes into sight. I' m writing a novel this sommer, I think. That'?s so much work. Thought if I spent the amount of my year' s study hours and efforts on my schoolwork, I would have an astonishing novel ready in no time.

The first few minutes of a holiday always felt like total liberty. Satisfied with myself, I closed my notebook and vowed to work on my novel every single Sunday for the remainder of the year. Then the next morning rolled around and I said to myself that it was okay to relax a little.

My summers were filled with work, travelling and coincidental meeting places as the day came and went. I left my novel and forgot it on my harddisk and literally collected it. The most difficult part of typing is getting your ass in the stool and doing it.

Absorbing the amount of paperwork, however, can be a bit useless. It can take a long and hard day to produce something. It' really simple to put my own paperwork on hold with work schedules, work schedules with my mates and other tasks on my desk.

But, of course, if you want to be a novelist, you have to work. I am committed this year to achieving my aim of drafting a novel by the end of the year. 1I set a week target for the counting of words, not a dail. There is no way that I will be able to do it every single second.

However, as a vet of NaNoWriMo, I know that it is a good way to give yourself a target for counting words to keep up to date. When I set myself a week's target instead of a day's target, I give myself some room to work up. 2I am planning to write frequently with my mates.

I' m often on work appointments in caf├ęs with friends. Why not in your work? It also makes the typing experience more socially responsible, which is important to me in the summers. 3I am scheduling a weeklong check-in with myself. Every time of the month I will take a few moments to see where I stand with my novel and make any necessary changes to my work.

5I use study groups to keep myself going. When I try to compose a novel for some strange reasons, I get into this atmosphere in which I don't want to show it to anyone. I' ve got a fantastically supporting imaginative group of writers with whom I divide all types of writings, but seldom do I sent them novel snippets.

I' ll change it this midsummer! I' m going to deal with them about this novel and show them what I'm working on. I am also thinking about registering for an on-line typing workhop. 6 I take my free moment to spend at least 30 min each breakfast typing. And I know I said that I wouldn't do it every single penny, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try!

Although I sometimes miss it, I will still try to integrate 30 min of typing into my daily work. I will be working very very hard this past summers to agree that I will not achieve all these objectives but will continue.

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