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When you write a novel, you should use a template that is suitable for the job. It' a real template for new creations before you find a publisher. This template will match what a publisher wants to see. For novels written with MS Word, OpenOffice or Libre Writer, here is a preformatted, ready-to-use template for Kindle publishers. In order to make it easier for you to format your paperback, we have created templates in Microsoft Word into which you can insert your contents.

New, novel template for Microsoft Word and extended Macro | Correct manuscript format

I recently added a Microsoft Word storyline template, which seems to have been quite a hit, at least in terms of the number of queries I've got, to include a release for new work. Accordingly, I have made this new template, and you can now find both of them on this page:

More interesting, at least for me, are the macro-enabled version of the two documents, which allow you to refresh your word counts, add a line spacing and start a new section with just a few keys. The new macros are available here: Should you find these patterns useful or not, please write me an email to let me know how they work for you.

Use these Microsoft Office templates to make writing quicker.

Useful design, organizational, marketing and communications resources for your own design, creativity, academic as well as business work. You can start quickly with a template so you can concentrate on your work! You may be interested in Microsoft's Hundreds of Styles, but now you need to browse the Office user interfaces yourself, not through an on-line template page.

The Story or Novel Manuscript Template or Printable for Microsoft Word is one way to get directly into the authoring world. To find this shortcut, open the application and then choose the Office button (or File) - New. Do you know that you can create a blogs directly from Microsoft Word?

Writing and posting your blogs directly from Microsoft Office. It' even simpler with this blogs template or Printable for Microsoft Word. You can do this by opening the application, choosing File - New and search for'Blog'. This makes it easy for authors used to Word to contact their blogs or other people on your e-mail contact lists.

With this email newsletter template or Printable for Microsoft Publisher you can do this in a professionally designed way. Submit information about books promotion, new publications, forthcoming shows, inspirations for other authors, and anything else you think is important. Go to Publisher, choose New, then look for a key word. Combination of your many different project types in one easily comprehensible graphical file with this Writing Project Timeline Planning Template or Printable for Microsoft Excel.

Go to Excel, choose New and look for keywords. Printable for Microsoft Word is a multifaceted post card template for many different types of publications, from books to booksigning and other advertising work. You can add an artwork of your covers, photos of your books, self-publication logos or other related pictures to these cards.

Find this template by choosing File and then choosing New. Whilst making your merchandise more professional is a great purchase, these customisable photo bookmark or print templates for Microsoft Publisher can get you excited about an imminent occasion. Go to Publisher, choose New, then look for a key word.

The Book Stack Presentations Template or Printable for Microsoft PowerPoint contains several different slides in a single downloaded document. It is only one of the reasons to use such a template to make your next webcast your own. Go to PowerPoint, choose New - and then browse for the template.

Or you might be interested in Microsoft's Best Teacher Templates. We recommend the Animated Flipping Books Template for Microsoft PowerPoint for a dynamically growing display that brings your content to a higher stage. In order to insert your own text, as I have done here, just choose Insert - Textbox to make a writing area above the empty album.

From PowerPoint File - New, choose the template by keywords. You can find more holiday, season, educational, home, work, and more themes on the Microsoft Office Styles for Office page or on the Office Software Key Template page.

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