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An expressive but short summary of the individual chapters of the novel The Reader by Bernhard Schlink. A summary and introduction to the novel Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. One, you can never judge Paulo Coehlo novels by their description. It' a novel about an insecure Wicca girl, really? The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.

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The 57-year-old Landon Carter tells the novel and reflects on what happened 40 years ago. In the prologue, the older Landon, who lived in the same city in North Carolina at the tender of 17, begins by standing near the Baptist convent, which plays an important role in the novel and puts himself in the mind of his 17-year-old self.

It all began in 1958 and Landon said it was both happy and depressing. Landon, seventeen, is a Sr. at Beaufort High School, which works with Southern Baptist Kirche every year on a Christmas piece entitled The Christmas Angel. This piece, penned by Pastor Hegbert Sullivan, the pastor of the parish, recounts the tale of a man who is so sorry about the deaths of his woman (at the time of the delivery of her only child) that he is not much of a parent to his baby.

She exhorts him to be a better dad and does a little wonder for the whole house on Christmas mornings. It is a favourite show, staged at the regional theatre, featuring high schools' senior citizens. Landon's dad is a Congresswoman who lives most of his time in Washington D.C. and is a foreigner to his sire.

As with the story of the Christmas angel, Reverend Sullivan's woman passed away during the birth, and he brought up his own little girl, Jamie. But Jamie is outlawed by her mates for her devotions, her unfavorable clothes and hair and her inclination to help the oppressed.

Though Landon knew Jamie for most of his lifetime - just as a classmate and a member of the congregation - he is astonished when he found out at the beginning of his graduation year that she is becoming a wife and could almost be regarded as handsome. At the beginning of his final year Landon is chosen to become chairman of the students' council and has to participate in the coming homecoming dance.

Embarrassed by the notion of coming without an appointment, Landon asks Jamie, who is dressed beautifully and does not wear the Bible, which she usually always has with her. Jamie and Landon find each other after tidying up and caring for Landon's former friend who got wasted.

A few wks later Jamie Landon asks to act as the role of the ancestor in the Christmas game. She has already been occupied as an artist's cheris. Armandon grudgingly approves. They begin to spend quality clarification with each other - although Landon does so out of a sense of duty - but as they talk, Landon realizes that Jamie's only aim in their lives is to marry a full house of them.

Landon finds this aim strange for such an outstanding pupil as Jamie, who may have much higher expectations; he is particularly astonished that she does not intend to go to college. Langdon goes to an abandoned home with Jamie and sees one of her favourite first hand work. But all her company is a frustration for Landon, and he gets angry with Jamie the eve of the show and tells her that he hasn't had any of their hours together.

I can see Jamie's bad. The next night Landon apologises and is holding her hands during the apologies for unexplained sins. This is a great hit, and in a crucial setting where the Dad is said to have noticed the angel's gorgeous elegance, Landon is appalled at how beautifully Jamie looks in her pure pink outfit. She wears a hint of make-up and has taken her long coat out of a roll and dropped it past her toes.

Jamie's look surprises the other pupils at the same way Landon does, but her enhanced form of society is not permanent and Jamie will soon be restored to her former state. In a fund-raising campaign to buy presents for the orphaned children, Jamie asks Landon to help her gather the jars and tins she has made.

Surprised by the poor contributions, Landon clears his own banking accounts and puts these monies in the fundraiser without letting anyone know what he's done. Landon surprised himself with this choice to help Jamie and the orphaned children in this way. While Jamie purchases presents for the orphaned children and calls Landon to the Christmas celebration of the children at the children's home, Landon is moved by the severity of the orphans' environment and the profound bond that Jamie has with the young orphaned.

Soon Landon realises he's falling in for Jamie. Jamie is invited to his family's historical and lovely villa for Christmas meal, after which he asks Jamie if he can see her at all. But Landon notes that Jamie is often tired and chilly and even has bruises on her butt.

As Landon explains to Jamie that he is in love with her, she realises that she has to tell him her astonishing news: she dies of a uncommon type of leukaemia and has only a few short month to go. Land has been crushed, but he works through his anguish and grief and begins to cry out for a wonder.

Soon Landon finds this end and asks Jamie to wed him, even in her debilitated state. "In the last section of the novel, 57-year-old Landon looks back on 40 years since his marriage to Jamie. Jamie died or did a wonder come up and saved her Iife?

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