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Innovative Storyboard Software

Or you can use outline mode and storyboard mode in full-screen mode. Write the storyboard of your novel on virtual index cards and mix them around. Use the tools you need most to write your NaNoWriMo novel with inspiration and endurance. This can include a character creator, a twist generator or a custom storyboard creation. "The storyboard software is easy to use and works simply put!

The StoryBox innovative software for typing

When I first began working on StoryBox, I needed easy-to-use authoring software. And I didn't want to let my letter get hampered by my whistling and ringing bell. When I wanted to move my syllopsis to the lefthand side of the display instead of the right or the top side instead of the bottom side, I thought I should be able to do that.

Now after two years of using StoryBox almost every single working days in my letter, I am proud to present StoryBox 2. StoryBox 2 helps you to increase your production and at the same time organise your books and your memos in any way you want with a more versatile full-screen interface and a new bottom menu bar that keeps foreign text out of your sight.

Enhancements include a new multi-vendor eBook exporter that saves you valuable design resources by allowing you to create a profile that lets you quickly retrieve your exports preferences, a full-screen interface that allows you to display any window you select or even several documents at once, a countdown timer and associated progressbar for focused write jobs, and a newly organized suite of features and menu items that make things more logical to find.

New assistants are available for project creation and import of available documentation, and ePub exports now conform to the standard. There are two new topics and many other small changes to complete the story box 2. "Storebox 2 will make your typing easy. When you want to follow your verbal progression, HistoryBox 2 has six different words count readings, among them readings for the tag, the actual write and the actual scheduled write pulse.

If you use full-screen you can use it to lock your desk so that you can focus on typing (if you use more than one display, even the other display will be locked). Would you like to see your summary in full size? Need to track your progression or use the countdown time?

Or you can use outline and storyboard modes in full-screen view. Now you can even open more than one document at a glance in full-screen using the same function. Storebox 2 stores your entries so you don't have to. Best of all, I use it every single second.

I don't make this software just to resell it. I' m doing StoryBox 2 so I can use it. Try StoryBox 2 at least. Probationary period is 45 non successive workdays. You' re gonna like StoryBox 2. I' d use better software for the work.

Trial the 45 (not consecutive) days FREE! There is no upgrading charge for Storebox 2 if you already own Storebox 1. You can use Storebox 1 and Storebox 2 side by side. Any project you open in HistoryBox 2 will no longer open in HistoryBox 1.

When you are a "free" StoryBox 1 users, you will get a 45-day evaluation version just like everyone else. You will then need to buy StoryBox 2 if you want to use it. Installing StoryBox 1 works as before, but does not get any further upgrades and is not available for downloading.

There you can also follow the progression of your problems. Under " Help " in the StoryBox there are menue points which also lead you there. So if you like the StoryBox, but don't really like the" Buy StoryBox" tips throughout the entire app, go here and buy it now for just $34.95!

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