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This means that it should not read like a mechanics' manual on the plot of your novel. They must take into account both the evolution of the story and the colour. The Black Beauty is an almost completely black horse and is the title hero and narrator of the story. In the course of the novel Beauty introduces many characters to the reader, including his mother, duchess and other horses named Ginger, Merrylegs, Sir Oliver and Captain. Mr.

Chips is a sentimental story about a popular teacher in Brookfield, an English boys' school.

Remembrance Stroll (novel)

The novel A Wander to Remember was written by the US author Nicholas Sparks in October 1999. In 1958-1959, the novel, which takes place in Beaufort, North Carolina, is a story of two teens falling in love despite the diversity of their people. The movie of the same name adapts A Wander to Remember. It' an adaptation of A Wander to Remember.

It all begins with a Landon Carter Prolog at the tender ages of 57. The rest of the story happens when Landon is 17 years old. Landon is living in the small ecclesiastical city of Beaufort, North Carolina. Jamie Landon asks to take part in the Christmas angel making a few workdays later.

17 ] Landon is not very excited about the participation, but he still approves. Jamie, on the other side, couldn't be happier about her new mate. Langdon knows that when his boyfriends find out about his part in the show, he is mobbed. Jamie asks one of these days at rehearsals if Landon will go home with her, then it becomes common.

A few and a half hours later Eric taunts the pair during their stroll home and Landon is really ashamed to be with Jamie. Meanwhile, Landon learns more about all the individuals and organisations Jamie helps, as well as an abandoned school. Land Landon and Jamie go to the children's home one of the following morning to talk about a possible screening of The Christmas Angel[22], but their suggestion is quickly denied by Mr. Jenkins.

23 ] As Jamie and Landon waited to see Mr. Jenkins, she told Landon that in the near term she would only marry in a chapel full of men and that her dad would give her away. While Landon thinks this is a peculiar wish, he does accept it.

andon and Jamie are coupled in a chapel full of men. 51 ] Landon recalls that he thought: "It was..... the most challenging path anyone ever had to take. An unforgettable stroll in every respect. 52 ] When they reached the front of the cathedral, Hegbert said: "I can't give Jamie more than I can give away my own soul.

Landon ends the story 40 years later at the tender age of 57. He' still in love with Jamie, wearing her ring. 54 ] He ends the story with the words: "I now believe, by the way, that wonders can happen". Land Carter is the storyteller of a wealthy story.

Sullivan is the daugther of the Beaufort parish priest Hegbert Sullivan. He' s supposed to be the protagonist in the piece, but he's downgraded to a "bum" when Landon leapfrog. This novel has been mixedly criticized by many. The African Sun Times joins the commentary and says: "A noteworthy story of romance that, like its forerunners, will affect the reader's heart everywhere.

"The New York Daily News praises Sparks and comments that "he has composed a cute story about young but eternal loves, and although he has said that we should await both happiness and sorrow, there will still be tears". But Clarissa Cruz of Entertainment Weekly swung the novel with the words: "With her clichéd fiction and the storylines that can be foretold after the skimmed off of prologs, Nicholas Sparks' latest work A Way To Remember is more like the screenplay for a poor after-school comedy than anything that comes close to it.

"Although the novel is number 12 on the 1999 bestseller fiction list,[70]Publishers Weekly described it as "a forcible story of growing up" and "the author's simplest, most formulistic and most blatant and openly tuneful packet yet". 71 ] Theresea Parks of Publishers Weekly continues how many will be disappointed: "Readers may be frustrated with the immutable formulation that seems to vomit regularly at the time.

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