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New storybooks

There are a dozen books in which man meets woman, man woos woman (or woman woos man), and man and woman live happily ever after. When you don't have the patience to go through long novels and want your stories to be short and concise, then short stories are just the thing for you. What is this story all about? Gemini are torn apart by rape charges in a gripping story. You may hate romance, but you love a good adventure story.

Find a work if you have forgot its name

You may find it hard to recall the name and the writer of a novel you were reading a long while ago - even if it was a novel that was really important to you. Belles lettres are catalogued by writer and publication, not by topic or story line, making it harder to identify books by their story line.

The reader often asks for help from a librarian in his search for such books. First you need to record everything you know about the story, the story, the characters' name, the date when the story might have been released, the gender, and so on. This information is used to identify the name of the publication and the name of the writer.

The on-line resource can help you find a half-memory story even if you only have a simple story line. Or last but not least, please feel free to write a review of this article! What's the name of the work? LibraryThing group of ~3K members - many of them are booksellers or booksellers - who help solving puzzles through discussion with threads.

An almost never-ending threaded of people trying to help other people recall books, even some of the most popular ones. An Ohio-based independent-store that runs large, highly accessible directories - and provides a $4 personal helper. A lot of children's books here. Try this covers finder if you can only recall what the covers look like.

Check out some of the searching techniques forHalf-Remembered Children's Books from the Internet Public Library. When you can only memorize one keyword, use the Library Thing or goodreads feature to find long listings of songs with a specific keyword. Goodreads' searchable listings of publications that the reader has filed in singular catagories, such as author's profession or publications for many years, are also of use.

Recently released books are reviewed in Booklist Online by genres. Please do not hesitate to write a remark and tell us about a notebook you want to recall!

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