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Example of a Novel Review

They should support every point of your criticism with examples. This is the way the vast majority of book reviews are conducted. Rezension des Buches The social life of information, von J. S. Brown & P.

Duguid]. On this website my students are encouraged to read, write and record book reviews about the novels they like or dislike. An analysis of novel care management programs in primary care.

Example of a book review

The review is a document that provides a discerning assessment of the work. This review gives the reader a short abstract of the novel and information about the writer; it describes his own gender, describes the action and gives the character's critic.

There are also proposals as to whether it could be suggested to the reader and whether they will like it or not. The following is an example of a review. Anthony Doerr's All the Lights We Cannot See is a historic novel from 2014. The novel was named the Pulitzer Prize's best literature work in 2015.

It was listed in the New York Times as one of the best-selling books of 2014. It takes place in France and Germany in the years of the Second World War, during the French invasion of Germany. Marie-Laure LeBlanc is the name. She' s a six-year-old boy whose widow's dad works at the Natural History Museum in the French capitol.

She can' t see, but she masters the art of getting around the maze of Parisian roads, with a pattern made by her family. A good instructor, the girl's dad conceals the gifts in lavishly cut cartons to show her how to see with other minds instead of seeing with her own eye, which is a good way to hone her in.

Marie-Laure and her dad left Paris in 1940, after the Nazi incursion into France, to find sanctuary in Saint-Malo, where the great-uncle of the young woman Etienne was born. It turns out that the sea of flames or probably one of the diamonds is confided to the Marie-Laure sire so that he is not confiscated by the Germans.

Mary-Laure remains in the custody of Etienne, her great uncles and the mistress. At the same time, the story leads the reader to the city of Zollverein in Germany. Werner Pfennig, the protagonist, has no parent, but a supernatural ability to comprehend circuits. Someday Werner and his sis Jutta find a busted transistor.

1944 The Allies arrive in Normandy, and the force in which Werner performs his army duty is allocated a task in Saint-Malo. He has to find and murder a mystical figure who transmits programmes against the Nazi regimes, and this is where Werner and Marie-Laure come together.

We' re not going to give away the end of the story. Leave this joy of exploration to the reader. Doerr' s novel is a complicated story to the point of unbearable excitement, thus maintaining the reader's interest right up to the last page of the work. Excitement remains high until the end when the jigsaw boxes open and the reader finds the hidden gem inside.

This novel absorbs the reader's interest to the point that it's difficult to stop until you find the cue. Concerning the styling of the work, one should note that it is quite unrelenting and drama. There' s a broad use of epithetics that make the novel to a certain degree seem sensual and sensual, although the movements often seem brief and acrid.

Dörerr attaches great importance to details that help the reader to visualize the image so clearly that one cannot await the next turn in the life of the hero. The All theLightWe Cannot See review is an example of a review that can be ordered from the website.

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