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Published by an international publisher specializing in novels and short stories of all genres by new and aspiring authors. WERE YOU FRUSTRATED WITH THE PUBLICATION PROCESS? The Monkfish is an independent press that publishes spiritual and literary books from various perspectives. The publisher is currently looking for authors in the following genres: It is a subsidiary of a larger publisher.

Which are the best novel publishers for first writers?

Those who release your style, specifically. No one is better than another for the first author. Ensure that your filing (cover note, summary, the first 3 chapter, or I assume you could all 3) make sure that its going to publishing houses that actually release your line of work. It' worth knowing who they have previously released, because the publishing houses are genre-specific.

Cause I like Double Dragon Publishing Co. You will be publishing accepted scripts in all electronical forms and commercial paperback if you wish. They' re the leading Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror publishing companies on the net., And they make GREAT COVER! No publishing companies specialize in first-authoring.

Homes go in for medicine kind of writing, though, so do your investigation or you strength end up sensing a bit of a plum. Well, it all comes down to the music. Select ip The Writer's Resource Guide (or go to your home library) and search for the publishing and/or agent family.

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Published by an internationally renowned publisher, specialising in the publication of new and up-and-coming authors' books, literature and shorts of all sorts. When you wondered how to turn your creativity scripts into a script, you just found the answers. We' re publishing your literature, novel or brief history in e-book and pocket books free of any charges - we deserve our interest in selling your books around the world.

Publishing services: When you are prepared to make your novel, your novel or your literature known all over the world, contact our editing staff who will accompany you through the entire publishing world!

Icelandic publishing houses

The following is an overview of Irish-based publishing houses - look at the publishers' web sites to find out exactly what genres and writers they are publishing and what rules they submit - they are all different and it is important that you do so. Also, make sure the publishing house you submit is publishing your style - look at the sites to see what kind of book they do.

English-speaking publishing houses are listed below in alphabetic order in their own lists. Inkwell's goal is to take your textbook one stage nearer to release and they have many achievements. If you would like more information about the writers Inkwell has referred to or on the way to an agent or publisher, please click here. A. & A.

Associated Editions produces well-written and beautiful design works on a wide range of topics such as architecture, arts, art historiography, artists' literature, children's literature, design, limited editions, music and music. Established in 1997 and headquartered in Dublin, Blackhall Publishing is a premier publishing house for legal/reporting.

Blackhall Publishing, Orpen Press has a new legal notice that addresses all non-legal topics: An exclusive notice from Blackhall Publishing, Orpen Press covering a broad spectrum of publishing styles ranging from life style, economy, news, commerce, private growth, healthcare, sports and Ireland cultural and social issues. Blackstaff published in a variety of different sections, among them literature, sports, cooking, travelling and poesy. brandnames. brandnameonbooks.

Now part of The O'Brien Press, editor of top-ranking literature, many of the best-selling publications ever released in Ireland. In 1998 came out. cysfortpress. cFormed, Carysfort Press released literature on drama, literary criticism, music and the arts and humanities. i. e. the publishing department of Chartered Accountanst Ireland is not only the only publishing house for accounting, but also publishing covers in the fields of taxes, legal, economic and managerial. chdnames. net Publishers of color illustrations of fairy tale book lets for little folks on favourite babynames, with the facts about every name for bigfolk.

A masthead of Mercier Press. ireland. anglican.orgCIP is an masthead for the Republic of Ireland, which publishes: material prepared by boards and key ecclesial bodies; material mandated to fill in loopholes in ecclesial lives; and ad-hoc material of relevance to the churches' missions. wwww.cjfalon. he CJ Fallon is one of Ireland's leading education publishing houses. collecinspress. The CJ Fallon Press is an independant publishing house for religion with a focus on Christians. The CJ Fallon is an English language school. The CJ Fallon is an English language school. The CJ Fallon is an English language school with a focus on travel/outs. ireland. The CJ Fallon Press is an English language school with a focus on religion, biography, archaeology, sport, historical, naturalhistories. ireumba Press is an Icelandic school.

caorkuniversitypress. com Publishing in Irish Studies for over 80 years. cursorrach. he Columba's weltliches Impressum, publishing a diverse listing of non-fiction books, incl. biographies, histories, sports and lifestyles. projectsubbles. com De Barra Publishing is an award-winning publishing house specializing in preschool and learning publishing solutions and solutions. dedaluspress. com Publishing the best in modern poetsry from Ireland and poetsry in translate from the word since 1985. celt. dias. ie Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

Transworld Ireland's Impressum, Doubleday Ireland, is aimed at publishing the best literature and non-fiction writers. edco. he editor of textbook books for elementary and post-school students in Ireland. landday. he Field Day is Ireland's renowned publishing house for drama and post-school theatres. It was established in 1980 in Derry by dramatist Brian Friel and actors Stephen Rea, then co-directed by Seamus Heaney, Seamus Deane, Tom Paulin, Davy Hammond and Tom.

fliesleaf. he fliesleaf Press was established in 1987 and is Ireland's biggest publishing house for primary and postprimary primary school. www.folens. he Folens Publishing House is Ireland's premier provider of primary and postprimary language training. 4courtspress. expanding quickly from a theological basis, now publishing high-profile scientific papers in such varied areas as Celtic Studies, Medieval Studies, Modernist Studies, Arts, Literature and Law. gallpress. com Publishers of modern Ireland literature, dramatic works and essays. i. e. Ireland's biggest publishing house, with general interest nonfiction books, secundary and third level literary articles. Irlgov.

heSells Government Books directly to the general publics through the Government Pubations Sale Office & Distance Selling Services. com N Ireland's premier freelance publishing house, Guildhall manufactures high calibre literature, topical literature, regional literature, academia, social issues, irisch languages and photography books with worldwide attraction. i. e. one of Ireland's premier publishing houses of business literature and non-fiction. haachette.

Thehistory press. ieThe Historical Press, Ireland is a publishing house for general and regional historical literature. ipa. ie publishes publications on government and related topics; administrative, a monthly scholarly magazine; yearbook & diary and research papers. iap. urishpages. org a Belfast magazine that combines the Irish, Europe and abroad perspective.

The Laurel Cottages Ltd. Illustrates topical Ireland and UK textbooks and printed works by Lottage Publishers. A publishing house of over 125 printed non-fiction in Ireland. Laurel Cottages specialises in Ireland's historical, biographical, literary/essay, Joyce, fictional and environmental /literature. littleisland. ie Little Island produces high-quality novels for older kids and adolescents by young people. theliffeypress. com is an independent publishing house for young people.

New Iceland. releases brief, easy-to-read guides with the most important information for executives with many subjects. comMaverickhouse. comMaverick House specializes in outstanding non-fiction, topical subjects and sports for Ireland and the worIl. The Sacred Heart Messanger has been publishing The Sacred Heart Messanger since 1888. On Achill Island, Country of Ireland, they publish a wide variety of Ireland literature, from ballsads to classical literature, for everyone from novices to experienced musician.

The National Library releases works, a collection of reproductions, educational packages and picture cards from the library's collection of graphics. ieNew Island releases inventive and groundbreaking literature, non-fiction, dramas, poems and the Open Door franchise. Ireland's premier freelance publishing house for award-winning children's literature and bestsellers for adults. October press. Tree Press provides information, tips and resource for business owners and executives. Ostream. he English publishers produce and sell top not always majorstream titles.

osi. he Republic of Ireland NRA. pensguin. he subsidiary of Pensguin UK, which produces publications in all categories. ria. he Royal Ireland Academy produces publications with the exact objective of disseminating scientific materials to a broader population. Editor of six scientific periodicals, pioneering serials and autographs. com literary publishers; specialized in Ireland and abroad. Munsterlit. he Southword Editions is the publishing arm of the Munster Literature Centre.

Among the releases are Southword, a biennial literature magazine, Best of Irish Poetry and various translated articles. stingingfly. org In addition to the literature magazine. Publication of literature, special interest in new authors and novels. The Tirgearr Publishing is a small independent publisher of genrel music.

Sorry, no YA or children's literature. This is a lively legal notice that publishes a large number of literature and non-fiction works by British writers. It is Tramp Press' goal to find, promote and publicize extraordinary talents in literature. Tramp Press, established by Sarah Davis-Goff and Lisa Coen, strives to promote, sustain and enhance the best and most commendable works, the literature of Ireland and the people.

The UCD Press is a peer-review publishing house with a wide spectrum of topics, among them the fields of literature, politics, history, literature, religion, musicology, and musicology. There is a particular emphasis in the press on Irish language research. Your textbooks are published according to the highest quality and quality control systems of print, editorial and print. You are the masthead of Ireland's biggest college, DublinUniversities.

Any new suggestions are welcome. versitas. eVeritas is publishing literary texts, the Irish Catholic Directory and theological, spiritual, counseling and societal literature. is publishing literature that meets scholarly requirements but is stylistically available and has generally not been academically transcribed. Biography, biographical background, women's history/studies, sociological studies. Independent publishing house located in Galway since 2006.

Publishing literature, lyric and non-fiction. Published also by his Impressum and Crannóg Literary Magazine produced House 36. State publishing house for children's and youth literature, educational and dictionary literature and some adult literature. pof@diseart. ieMeistische akademische und religiöse Bücher, but also some poems and essays.

Wonderfully illuminated book in English for kids and teenagers. Intellectual literature.

The publishing house regularly wants to enlist and promote new authors and is currently working on several new serials. LebhairChomhar is the publisher of the literature journal Comhar, which publishes literature for Irish adults and a number of general essays and poems.

Editor of Islamic works in Icelandic and the Islamic journal An Timire. eolas@futafata.comfutafata. com A record and publishing company that produces a range of publications in Icelandic for kids and teens. eolas@leabharbreac.comwww.leabharbreac. Com A editor of top class publications in Icelandic. moinin@eircom. nettLiterature in Icelandic and English for kids, teens and grown-ups. mus@cfcd.netwww.corca-dhuibhne. A specialist in publishing and publishing Kerry geltacht in Ireland and other foreign countries. leib@pucapress.comwww.pucapress. com A small publishing company that produces rare editions of Kerry geltacht in Iceland.

Many of the 20th century's premier authors of poetry and poetry were written by Sarseal-Ó Marcaigh, later to become Sáirséal-Ó Dill.

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