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This is an imprint of John Hunt Publishers, a mid-list house in the UK. Caption Nick Spalding is one of the best-selling authors in the UK. Cost and benefit of the publication of own works

Nick Spalding's home is remarkable because there are no ledgers. There is also an indication of how authors try to make a living in different ways. But the advent of e-readers and tablets does not mean the end of print work. However it allows the authors to become their own publishers.

But putting her words on the streets still costs a little extra work, a little help and good fortune. A few years ago he was writing an experimental novel that probably wasn't handled by a conventional editor. "He says, "I can recall that my goal was to make enough for my spouse and I'd go for a dinner.

"It was so simple, and because I began to make a little more and develop a small fan base, I decided to start writing another volume, then another and another. "In the UK, his forth - Love...From Both Sides - sells 250,000 books a year, making him one of the best-selling self-published writers.

He created his own e-book artwork and written his own "blurb" about the plot. Whilst it is possible to produce a do-it-yourself e-book, even those who have posted their own work do not suggest going it alone. According to Orna Ross, head of the Alliance of Independent Authors, every writer needs a good publisher that costs at least £1,000.

Admire the expense of a stylist for an eye-catching coverage, and someone who oversees your advertising and expenses can rise. In spite of the up-front fees, self-publishing has become an ever more popular choice for authors. Self-released accounts still represent a small part of the total book retail bookseller' s overall book catalog, but their shares and turnover have skyrocketed according to analyst Nielsen.

In a recent poll of authors, 25% of them had released a work themselves, and 86% of them said they would release it again themselves. The authors proposed a typically 40% ROI for the authors' license and collecting society. An auto-released writer tends to get about 70% of the coverage prize for an e-book from a comany like Amazon when charging above £1. 50 or above.

That' s a bigger percentage than what an author gets from a publishers. However, the cost of self-publishing must be covered in advance. Other people are serving poets who may just want to record the story of their families or neighborhood. As before, these editors can obtain print versions on request - to put up the bookshelf at home.

Most of the ledgers are still thriller, detective stories or fiction. When an author is able to win the backing of a publishing house, these expenses - for some of the book's profits in exchange for those expenses - designing, editorial, marketing and perhaps even print.

"We' re a publishing company, so our task is to give the writers and not to take it away from them," says Matthew Lynn, co-founder of Endeavour Press, which specializes in e-books. "We' re paying all the cost of producing and we' re paying you a licence fee, based on how your story is selling. "He points out that "there are many books" and his task is to draw people's minds to the work of his work.

The work of Nick Spalding attracted the interest of a publishing house.

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