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Edited by Sternberg Press and Cricoteka. Supernatural novel? Writing and publishing a novel. Group in a publishing house that authorizes the purchase of a book, i.e.

acquires the work of an author for publication. Credit: Wikipedia Commons.

Share with us - Penguin India

I' ll put your script here. Established in 1985, Penguin India today releases a whole series of themes and styles. One of the world's leading English-speaking publishing houses, Penguin has produced some of the most admired titles in literature and non-fiction, literature and essays today. We would be happy to review your manuscripts and your suggestion if it is your wish to be included in our prestigious team.

You want to be released, but are not sure how to do it? In the following section you will learn how we at Penguin India carry out the proposal and manuscript submissions and assessment process: You should submit five samples and/or poetry for your story or poem.

What do I do with my suggestion? Who should I submit my suggestion to? We do not ask you to include any materials on your CD. Please submit your suggestion to: How can I make sure my suggestion will be considered? Each year Penguin Random House India receive over 500 suggestions and scripts. All entries are appreciated and each suggestion is handled with the same care by our highly skilled and skilled editing group.

However, should you choose to come to our offices in person, you will be asked to submit your suggestion in writing to the front desk. Due to the high volume of publications, it is unfortunately not possible to meet with interested parties and discuss specific suggestions with the editors. How long does the assessment procedure take?

If your suggestion proves to be appropriate, you may be asked to submit the whole paper for a thorough assessment. It will take at least six month to complete this in-depth assessment and you will be notified of our definitive choice. The request for a detailled script does not in any way mean that it has been or will be approved for publication.

It will take at least six month to complete the in-depth assessment procedure. If your offer/manuscript does not match our publisher's program, Penguin Random House India is not obliged to give a justification. If your script is approved, it will be reviewed later. Requests relating to these are early at the application or during the assessment procedure.

If I have been denied, can I re-submit an application? Do not resubmit a suggestion that has been refused. Is it possible to have my suggestion sent to another location while I was submitting it to you? Is it possible for Penguin and another publisher to rate my script at the same time? It is up to you to make your suggestion to us and others at the same time.

Please also let us know as soon as your paper has been approved for publication by another person so that we can stop evaluating your work. Also, please do not send your paper elsewhere during Penguin Random House India's in-depth review procedure.

You should provide a summary and a summary of your suggestion together with any two example sections. Don't write to us asking for information on how you can make suggestions/manuscripts, as all the information we can give you has already been published on our website. Don't ask any questions by telephone, facsimile, e-mail or personally during the time your suggestion and/or your script is being reviewed.

Don't post footage on CD.

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