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Take a look at some of the creative examples of Prompt. Every year thousands of would-be authors are hailed by NANOWRIMO "National Novel Writing Month". What is your approach to the Novel Ideas Only activity? Novel test requests at the end of the quarter. Traditional lists of prompts are ideal for starting new projects.

Twenty-one Prompts to help you complete an entire novel this summers.

It' official and it is the ideal moment to write a novel. And what could be more exciting than to write the novel you've always dreamed of? Most of the year I dream of having enough room and money to work on my own work.

So with the whole summers ahead, it's timeto start this novel. When it comes to novel composition, the most difficult thing is the beginning. So here are 21 prompts to give you a little nudge and set your stylus in motion. You' re gonna get this novel out in no time at all.

Type one from the perspective of someone not listed in the storybook. 4 The last words of your novel are: "When the rising day of the day came, it began to understand." Now go ahead and finish writing the script. 5Select a shuffle list and name the chapters after each track. 5 Your protagonist has an unbelievable super power, but you can only use it if no one looks at her.

8 The anthropomorphic species meets extraterrestrial lives at last. 9Writing a novel from the perspective of your favourite characters when they live in the physical game. 12Writing a novel about a person who gives up everything in his own lifetime and goes to the other side of the sidelines. 13Writing a novel about a queer new high- schools outfit.

16 Write a novel that begins with the hardest imaginable night of your protagonist's orphanage. 17 Start your novel with a text messaging that will ruin EVERYTHING. 18Writing a novel from the perspective of four of my four holiday home shared lovers.... but each of them has a horrible one. 20Begin your novel by creating an fictional Podcastsection.

21Start each section of your novel with a scientific fact.

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