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Compiled by authors, The Novel Factory is a new type of writing software for authors. Boost your productivity and let the novel be written! The National Novel Writing Month takes place every November! The six-month novel writing program is designed to help you take your novel to the next level. An innovative program for the assessment and treatment of pain.

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"I' ve accomplished more with your program in the last two month than I have in the last two years." What can the novel factory do to help you become a more prolific author? "Romanfabrik can be an advantage for all authors, from complete beginners to those at the top of their game."

You can use the section to organize all your memos right from the beginning, and everything is easily found with just a few mouse clicks. Now you can organize all your memos. Browse through or open all your character listings to see all the detail, which includes intro, basics, questionnaire, standpoint summary, story and notices. This roadmap brings together proven writers and screenwriters with hands-on experience so that novices can master the art of typing as they complete their first novel.

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Organise chapter and scene, administer reviews, write novels in either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat. Establish a new framework, defining premises, fabric, narrative threads and settings: geographical, chronological and societal contexts. Her novel works when its protagonists are credible, i.e. when you appreciate the complexities of man. We' ll help you learn everything about your character.

and we want to help authors compose nice fiction.

Write certificate

This certificate program is built on the achievement and excellence of our periodic on-line typing classes, with the aim of creating a structurally integrated learning experience in which you can compose your novel. Our on-line certificate program for novels is developed to help you do that. This first course will help you consolidate your ideas for a novel, find out your creativity processes and establish a coherent script.

Since the certificate programme is based on a committed, energetic team, approval is only granted upon request. Through study and write with a cohesive group of undergraduates who have a similar level of dedication to their work, you gain a feeling of closeness to your colleagues and their work. The best part is that this two-year program maintains the versatility of our periodic on-line typing classes.

Acces to your classes from home or on trips, at the time of the days according to your timetable. While you are working on your novel, your work will be reviewed, criticized and backed up by a group of enthusiastic teachers and colleagues who will lead you to your goal.

In order to get an update about the program, please subscribe to the certificate program mailinglist.

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