Novel Plot Ideas

New plot ideas

This is Jesse Frankel, author of numerous YA Action/Fantasy novels under the pseudonym J.S. Frankel. STREPHEN KING, Ernest Hemingway and Mark Twain did not begin their careers writing novels. So, let's just say your name was Jane Austen and you had a great idea for a novel about a proud guy and a charming but somewhat biased girl.

The National Novel Writing Month may have already started, but it's not too late to catch up! But, frankly, finding ideas is the easiest part of writing.

Piles plot ideas!

All of us know how to compose a novel or a screenplay that is a mysterious novel, a romance, a romantic tension or an exciting game. Begin with an intensive plot about lives and dead. There are some ideas that are broader, others more peculiar. These are some plotstarter for your next Edge-of-your-seat-projects! Somebody the protagonist is in love with vanishes in mysterious ways.

Somebody tries to kill the heroe or someone he loved, and he doesn't know why. Somebody tries to kill the lady or someone she loved, and she knows exactly why. Perhaps the would-be assassin has an old rancour, perhaps our protagonist has classified information or something.

Could be a human being, a plane or a beast. Investigating a homicide, perhaps a beloved one, takes our heroes to a strange land or a perilous world. There is a risk of a catastrophe, such as a tidal wave or a viral, wiping out our character and everyone else.

He is sure that someone has been wrongly charged or sentenced for a felony and is looking for the true doer. A common man finds out that he has particular abilities or is otherwise meant for a valiant venture. Or he risks being murdered, because the main character has particular forces or secrets to conceal.

They are on a quest, but one turns against the other or organises a revolt. Technological and/or other means obliterate a person's identification or take it over from another one. An unhealthy clandestine message or movie is published and the protagonist has to face the effects. Someone has to go to a certain point at a certain point - perhaps with a captive or some kind of lost property - or it will have bad effects.

An untrained man becomes an efficient military man, mole or heroe by means of practice and willingness. Somebody committed suicide, but our protagonist is sure it was a homicide. An infiltrator or scammer has penetrated the group and they will assassinate them if they find their real identities. Against his will, the protagonist was turned into a lethal gun.

An assassination case has been freezing for years.... and all of a sudden a new assassination looks like it was perpetrated by the same unsub. Heroes have to accomplish a hard job or do something unethical, otherwise they or someone they love will be murdered. Heroes have to assassinate someone they value, or at least let them perish, to rescue a bigger group of them.

Lucky if you want a big index with great words for actions or even more plot ideas than I do on the web! NoWriMo, I think it will be a great resource for novel writers during NaNoWriMo or any season.

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