Novel Planner

New type of planner

Novel Planner is the day planner I developed especially for writers. But most authors agree that the planning of your novel is essential to avoid major accidents of action and character. Some people enjoy writing a story the most, whether it's a novel or a script. Leglaimer: I won this planner in a giveaway from Eva Deverell. Well, how to plan a novel.

New planner

Seriously get serious about realizing your written dream by using these everyday planners specifically for authors in your eye. You' re seriously in love with history, but are you willing to write your own? Consistence and organisation are two keys to your typing career regardless of your personal aspirations.

When you are a designer in your own core, you are conscious of the force of intent. However, if you often have trouble achieving your typing objectives and making headway towards your dream, stop being satisfied with less. Let us turn your writings dream into reality. Novel Planer is the day scheduler I developed especially for authors.

It contains non-dated month and week schedules, projects organisation utilities, performance records and much more and is currently available in both printed and PDF-format. This section also allows you to define objectives for your new type of projects, which can be divided into realisable stages that can be finalised throughout the year, and to develop a promotional approach that will help you develop your work when you decide to go public.

There are 12 consecutive month-by-month and 52 consecutive weeks of unadjusted calendars, so you can start scheduling for your next year at any given moment. Calendairies also contain requests to help you set and monitor your write objectives and successes, schedule necessary mothly, once a week and every day assignments, and keep an eye on important deadlines.

After all, each page in this section contains an inspiring quotation that will help you remain inspired in your day-to-day work. In the third part of The Novel Planner it's about keeping an overview of the peripheries of your writing: new stories, TBR listings, considerations and much more. And, last but not least, section four of The Novel Planner is brief + cute and completely mighty.

If in doubt, a sublime task or your typing career starts to be like a tiresome obligation, when you look back at how far you have come - the objectives you have achieved and the landmarks you have achieved along the way - can only be the thrill in your trousers you need to get back on top of yourriting.

That' s why I integrated an annual success tracking system into the back of your designer so that you always have an overview of your workspaces! Are you prepared to plan your New Year? Only to remind you that the month and week calendars are not dated in this scheduler, so that you can use your scheduler at any season.

Weaknesses also start on Mondays, with additional space for each day of the week. The Novel Planner hard copy books will be sent on high grade sheet metal (medium size if you are curious!) with a shiny slip. The Novel Planner's size, both physically and digitally, is 8.5" x 11" (equivalent to approximately A4 in some countries).

Order your print or your free copy of The Novel Planner today!

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