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Plan, sketch and organize your novel - or not!

There''s as many ways to design a novel as there are authors. Some have a storyboard and outlines every individual incident and have characteristics and motivation/goal listings for each of them. There are those who just begin to write and don't even stop doing research.

This is the real headquarters of the trouser pens. On many occasions, those who call themselves seam of the pants writers profit from some kind of planing, perhaps not the story, but something. Below are some ways you can schedule your novel. Snowflakes method: Snowflake is a snowflake technique developped by Randy Ingermanson, which can be found under this page.

In principle, you always do a little more careful research each and every step of the design phase until you have a complete novel. Summarizing overview: A few folks like to summarize their outlines and character before they start. The following links show a synopsis of Writer's Digest. The story board is the way to summarize a scene on index card, post-it memo, Microsoft OneNote or an Excel spreadsheet (click here to find out how to create a story board with Excel).

Although you don't use this approach to schedule your novel, it's a good way to provide your novel with a story board during the edit stage to keep an overview of your work. A lot of people like to design their novel before they start to write it. Individuals or personalities: A number of authors who never sketch their storylines find their inspirations in getting to know their protagonists.

Some of them use drawing diagrams. Here are some hypertext items that show characteristics and personal rating pages. A number of authors find inspirations in their search for a specific date, set, career or other facets of their work. To find out how you can organise your web search on Microsoft OneNote, click here.

A number of authors begin to compose, but as they do so, the history is told to them in plays. Imagine that some authors plan unconsciously. They' ll tell you that the tale comes to them as they type. Even the act of the letter already discloses the history. That goes for her because her mind unconsciously worked out the history.

Sitting down to type, the history they have worked on in the niches of their mind flow. I' m inclined to get a little bit close to the seed of the pants approach, but I still use a mix of getting to know my character, researching and writing when I start a new novel.

/But you' re planing to work a great deal after the novel is done. In any case, if not everything is planned in advance, it causes a writer's death lock, you should definitely schedule until your cardio is satisfied.

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