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Novel Idea is an organizational application that helps creative authors to collect ideas and relevant information for projects of any length. The Novel Idea is available in both free and paid versions, offering additional options for synchronization between devices and advertising removal. Once you have finished reading, you will find a new idea with our central idea finder]. When someone tells you that you have found a new idea or a new interpretation of something, it's probably a compliment: not everyone is able to think in an original way. I have said this before, but it is true: new ideas are funny things.


The main task of A Novel Idea is to help authors to organise the idea and conceptual design for a text. If it' s about recording important points of action, describing attitudes or clarifying the characteristics of important personalities, the user will find this application very useful when it comes to remaining organised.

It divides the most important features and ideas into pre-sorted sections, each with its own subcategory. When a new person is created, for example, the user navigates to the "Characters" section of the application and fills in the empty boxes for key information such as "Internal Motivation", "Characteristics", "Eye Color", "Age" and "Role" among many other catagories.

An innovative idea can help the user to collect and follow their idea in a unique place, with simple accessibility to look it up while typing. During A Novel Idea can be great for organising Idea, it can also help to lead user during the design stage of their letter. Reviewing each of the categories and completing important information can help the user find important detail for their history.

Be it creating fanciful description for each set or defining the motivation of the protagonist, the user gets a complete development stage for a novel or storyline. It can help beginners identify which keys, ideas and information are needed for a mature storyline and storyline when people fill in the empty boxes for each catagory and undercategory.

As an example, the creation of a character and the completion of individual form entries can help the user to schedule the way in which the character acts, interacts or thinks. By adding extra category for attitudes and action, the user has a mature idea and schedule for their novel. The A Novel Idea provides a forum on which the user can develop the idea and develop core concept for a mature storyline.

When using the application to identify important history detail, the user must perform fundamental typing and communicate thoughts in concise, concise phrases. It can also help to familiarize the user with some of the most important literature words and conceptual tools for any kind of imaginative typing, such as storyline, attitude, character, subject, sound and a lot of other important information.

An innovative idea can also help encourage authors to take on major literary initiatives both inside and outside the schoolroom and encourage them to practise and enhance their writing.

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