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Proof for any formatting software is in, well, the proof. Use the snowflake method to help you build your novel. Which are the guidelines for formatting a manuscript?

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This wizard allows you to select the opening styles and formats section titles, sluglines and page numbers. The section titles are given the correct countersink. With the Novel Template you can easily insert your authors information. The Novel Style Toolbar is just a click away to set a new look.

All you need to do is click to define your title. Formatting is complete. Wizards insert borders, header, slug line, page and section numbers as well. While you' re writing your next bestseller, click the icons on the tool bar to reformat your text, include text, epigrams, new section headlines, new scenes, or continuous text.

Their manuscripts are in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style and Writer's Market format.

Script formatting software and book formatting software for Microsoft Word(R)

WritersFiction authors can use the Plot Wizard to sketch the plot. Use the Character Wizard to define and distinguish the character. Have the grammar assistant emphasize the grammar stylistic discretions that have been predefined in Elements of Style by Strunk and White, and help make your script bright. If you are willing, please make a summary of your novel and send it with the Query Letter Wizard.

There' s a wizard to help you with every stage of your letter. Grantees can create the skeletal structure of a diploma dissertation according to the Kate Turabian guideline with up to fourteen pre-formatted paragraphs and an automated index or write a semester dissertation according to MLA, APA or Chicago Style Manag.

Authors of non-fictionYou can create a non-fiction book suggestion or an essay that will make an impression on any journalist. Get A Work in Progress - Use the Repair Wizard to re-format your script according to the Writer's Market and Chicago Manual of Style manual.

Use the wizard toolbar icons to apply formatting to epigrams, blocks of quotes, section headers, plain text, or any section.

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