Novel Format Template

New style sheet

" If you prefer Times New Roman to Courier, you can edit the "msText" style in any template and change the font. Our templates encode all your styles and formatting requirements for ease of use. Simplify the formatting of your article: Download one of our free Word templates and follow the instructions to apply it to your document. Book template for InDesign novel. Choose the new template located in the Empty Templates folder.

Formatting a new script

The default format for the section text is two-line, left-justified and in a 12-point Courier type. It indents the first line of a section by half an inches or 5 digits from the edge. There are 25 rows per page with a line length of up to 60 char.

To help your editors determine the number of words and the number of pages in your work. Sixy letters per line with an avarage of six letters per line (a general guideline of the publisher's industry) gives an avarage of ten words per line. In this case, a page with 25 lines has an approximate of 250 words - a beautiful large round number.

Incidentally, the first page of a section is valued at 250 words, and sub-pages other than the first page are valued at 125 words. The page header usually contains your last name followed by your romantic name ( (which you can truncate if you have a long title), and ends with the page number.

Sections begin on a new page about a third of the way down and begin with a centred section heading, usually in all uppercase characters (i.e. all characters are capitalized). If you are sending your script to an agent or editor, you should insert a cover page so they know how to get in touch with you and where to mail the cheques.

Enter your name, your postal and telephone numbers and e-mail addresses in the top lefthand handbox. Enter the number of words in the top right-hand area. Use the estimation technique described on page 2 (and round up to the next thousand) instead of the real number of words computed by the app.

Centre the name of your novel approximately in the middle of the page, insert two one-line responses and then your name (or pseudonym) as you wish when your novel is released.

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