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Virtually heaven

I was really struck by this one, the way it was written, the character and the storyline. I' m not adding a spoiler, just browse this novel. Can you give a four asterisks to a notebook that eats up your thoughts for two whole orchestras? No, it's a five-star novel. Since I know the writer a little, my interest in this ( and his brief story) led me to see him in a different perspective.


The Seldon Edwards novel is an excellent timemachine that gives itself the impetus for later and previous series. With significant spin-offs, the major lineage of this history follows the 70' hippie-rocker Wheeler Burden on a journey through the Fin de siecle Vienna by Sigmund Freud, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Gustav Mahler.

He awakens the mental fermentation that drove the ascent of the Austro-Italian capital into the musical, philosophical, pictorial and psychiatric realms of that period, without being so clever as to switch off those who came just to enjoy a beautiful story. To texturize and thicken the story, the writer uses his journey through history memes to explore the sticky and warm New England pre- schools and the more open surroundings of Sacramento Valley.

Whereas the Frisbee is mixed with the Emperors of Austria and the 1970s with the emergence of anti-Semitic thinking in Europe, this intricate novel offers comforts. He masters the dealing with profound and important topics in an amusing way.

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