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The guide to bestselling fiction, non-fiction, children's books and penguin classics. Al- Shaykh Hanan: According to regulations Where are the ledgers on your bedside table? "Penelope Fitzgerald's The Blue Flower"; Graham Swift's Mothering Sunday; Ali Smith's Ali Smith's Autoumn;

John Gray's Seven Types of Atheism; Nadia Kamel's Al-Mawloudah of Egypt; Mohammed Hanif's Red Birds; Ariel Kahn's Raising Sarks. So what was the last big volume you were reading?

This is a seldom, poignant novel about a Catalan town whose violent tradition is being domesticated and becoming a part of its nature, so that even if there is a possibility of freeing oneself from this deadly force and escaping the might of the wicked, some of its residents stay attached to it.

Can it be because there is no escaping the horrors of our planet, which lives on conflict and mistreatment? It was mesmerized, enchanted by the splendour of walking ("From times to times snows fell from a tree twig as if the tree twig had just breathed deeply"), although I knew that it led me to something uncanny but mighty, an insight into the realities of live and die that reflected similar insights from me during the Libanese war.

Which are your favourite Libanese authors? are my favourite libanese writers: Canaan Fouad, who at the end of the 1940' s brought naturism and the absurd into Libanese writing; Alawiya Sobh, Rashid al-Daif, Hoda Barakat, Layla Baalbaki, Balqis al-Humani. are my favourite Arabian authors in general: It is my recommendation that Mohamed el-Bisatie (Egypt, 1937-2012) be further interpreted, as he is the author of the modern Arabian novel, with a twelve books to his name.

It presents its readership with impressive pictures of everyday living and unforgettable personalities and adventures. He explores the humaneness and the precious but breakable perseverance of the excluded. Which novel about the Arabian word do you particularly suggest to the West and which non-fiction work? There is no such novel about the Arabian word as a whole - every Arabian nation has its own novel.

"The" by Tayeb Salih, Sudan; "Dates on Their Branches" by al-Bashir Khurayyif, Tunisia (not in English ); "Theding of Zein" by Tayeb Salih, Sudan; "The Loaf of Bread" by Tawfiq Yusuf Awwwwad, Lebanon (not in English); "The Secret Life of Saeed: "The Crusades Through Arabe Eyes" by Amine Mayalouf.

They have been in London for years and have sometimes resisted being described as an Arabic or especially female author. Describe a novel that we may find surprisingly on your bookshelves. I' ve never had any objection to being described as an Arabic author because I am one, and after so many years in England I still use Arabic.

You' re gonna be amazed to find this on my shelf: "May I find it in a bookshop? I' d like to reread it! "It tells how our forefathers tried to recover their missing young age and virility with watering from herbs, bugs, livestock, certain foodstuffs and above all through story.

Even females have their own passages in the text. Aside from thriller novels, I like reading every kind of fun, over 800 pages of text (unless it' s my friend's), sci-fi and ridiculous novels. A beautiful piece of writing, the original subject, the author's truth.

It' s nice to know that I'm in the middle of the plot with all my emotions, and not just about what is happening, whether I'm being taken from my hands on a quick drive or not. What is the best romance you've ever known? It was the history that my stepdad Muhammad wrote and that I found under his paper.

Through a mediator, Muhammad sent his brief to my analphabetic mom and estimated that her neighbour would as always be reading it to her on the roof undercover. Who' s your favourite character or heroin? Is that your favourite anti-hero or bad guy? What children's literature and writers are you most interested in? that made you what you are today, what would it be?

When I read it in the mid-1960s in Arabian translations, I said to myself: "This way you can tell about everything, even about your own dullness, about yourself or about salienation. A year later I began working on my first novel "Suicide of a Dead Man" about a man who is getting existentially troubled and falling in sweet melancholy with a 17-year-old woman.

Would you ask the Lebanon leader to open a books, what would it be? This is my novel "Beirut Blues" so that he remembers the Cuban conflict that split the Libanese and compelled them to escape and life far away from their native state.

What about the Premier of Lebanon? Best economic guide. "Melissa Fleming's A Helle More Forceful than the Sea", the tale of a female refugee from Syria in her quest for a better world. lf you could see a poet, living or deceased, who would it be? Which of the lexicons you have authored is your favourite or the most important one for you?

"Zahra Story": It' s Lebanon, my infancy, my adolescence, my pain and my start into the wide open area. Do you have a work you wish you could have written but you don't think you can or never will? Whom would you want to make your own personal history? So what do you want to see next?

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