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Add information about the author - reputation, qualifications, etc. She has told us about the genre, the setting and the main character of this novel. This is a book review = its summary, which aims to inform the reader about the plot. The classic book review is structured as follows:. However, in a novel the chronological order can be violated for the sake of the plot.

As one gets book reviews: Up to 50+ book review ressources

Reviewing books is vital because it helps prospective buyers make a purchasing choice. Submitting review copy for possible review is something every writer should add to their mailing list. So the more information about your book, the better the chances of making propaganda. Are you planning to ship 50 to 500 review books in both printed and electronic format?

When you' re looking for more book reviewing, below is a complete listing of book review resources that include both free and pay option. An indication of remunerated options: WOULD NOT endorse remunerated service that promises to increase the number of book review produced on the basis of the amount of cash you use.

We have, however, a list of serious service providers offering certified testing. Book review options free of charge: Amazons reviewers - Reviewing about Amazon is crucial to the book's popularity. Prospective purchasers look for responses to make a purchase choice, and Amazon's algorithm takes into account the number of responses a book has had.

There is a higher probability that a book will appear in Amazon's results the more review it will have. Every Amazon book critic has a published section, and many contain their e-mail address and website information (many top critics are also blogs - for even more attention). They WANT to be approached and offer free review copy!

Search for critics of rival books, e-mail them and ask if they would like to get a review copy of your book. Industrial Blogger - Search for blogs that address issues of interest to your audiences or industries. You can see whether they are conducting book review, publishing book extracts or interviewing writers.

Searching with Google should help you create a directory of people you can get in touch with. All of the big news and newspaper publishers now feature blogging (from the New York Times to Cat Fancy Magazine), and many of these articles are created by unremunerated authors. Are you looking for freelancers who deal with subjects concerning your demographic and provide a review copy?

E-mail recipients - Regularly write a memo to your mailinglist recipients to softly remind them that book reviewing helps selling your book and that you would appreciate it very much if they published a review for your book. The Midwest Book Review - A great organisation supporting independent writers, Midwest Book Review has been around for years and free print book review.

Website - Generate a review copy order sheet on your website. Enquire users to give you detailed information, which includes website links and public sizes, to get a free review copy. Competition on your website - Consider using Rafflecopter, a free and easy tool that you can put on your website to hold a book competition!

Ask the competition winner to publish ratings after they have read it. Online-Groups - Let it be known that you are interested in mailing review copy to groups that are reaching your audiences. Locate subjects related to your book and encourage members to get a free review copy of Experience Project. B book club - Providing your book to book club for free can be a great way to create review and fuzz for your work.

Book club searching by category on-line and on Book club readinglist, lefthand to righthand. If you send a copy of a book to the winner, please include a notice inviting the winner to review the book if he or she likes it. Please be aware that if your book is registered in Amazon's KDP Select programme, you will not be able to take part in the pages mentioned here that carry out free e-book give-aways (a big disadvantage of the Kindle exclusivity sales clause).

This page allows you to give your e-book as a free give-away for any period of the year. SOME MEDIA - Encourage your audiences to become book critics. Or you can create a competition to give away multiple review copy forms by posting a review copy to your website.

And you can also get started early and create a reviewers' waitinglist long before your book is out! Event promotional items - If you are donating a copy of your book for contests or presents, please add a notice asking the receiver to review it. Same age, customers, families, buddies - While you want to be cautious by asking your relatives and buddies to post ratings because you don't want all your ratings to appear prejudiced, it certainly doesn't harm to ask the folks you know to review your book and post an honorable review.

Reviewer Community - There are a number of community where authors can collaborate and get their work. It is a great way to arouse interest and attract supporters before your book is published: Publishers Weekly hosts Book Life and you can send your book to Book Life for free review.

Authors who are contacting you - As an authors, you should be expecting your authors to regularly e-mail or post you in the news to let you know that you liked your book. If this happens, always respond with gracious recognition and suggest that the Reader could help you by post reports on-line.

Book review payments: NetworkGalley - For a small charge you can add your book to the NetGalley index and make it available to your friends and family. Cherkus - An establishment and serious enterprise, Cherkus offers expert valuations for a moderate remuneration. Preface Magazine - Renowned review for independent writers about preface.

BooksBub - The top of the line e-mail campaign promotion tool for you. Authors Buzz - Get book advisories to Librarians, Blogger, Book Club and more about Authors Buzz. Headline-Facebook Ads - You can use a variety of Facebook ads to advertise your book.

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